Student Life at Landmark High School

Creating an inclusive, active, and engaging community

The High School Student Life Department strives to create an inclusive, active, and engaging community for our students. We encourage students to respect themselves, their peers, and their environment; participate in a broad array of activities and interscholastic sports that interest them; and to challenge themselves by exploring new endeavors.

Our Student Life team makes strong and meaningful connections with each of our students to understand their needs and interests. Students feel comfortable seeking help, advice, and guidance from our staff. The Student Life staff organizes community events, evening and weekend activities, and educational forums.

Opportunities Abound

After-School Activities & Clubs

Landmark School offers an additional variety of after-school activities  and clubs for day and residential students who do not participate in athletics or performing arts.

Community Events

Community Events are all-campus events that take place approximately once a month. Many community nights are held the Friday evening before Saturday school. These events are a great way to get to know new people or spend extra time with friends. 

Community Service

Landmark has a strong commitment to supporting the community, both locally and internationally. Community service projects help our students develop a stronger sense of self and a greater ability to connect with the world around them. Our students complete more than 6,000 volunteer hours each year.

Religious Life

Landmark's chaplaincy addresses the spiritual and religious life of students. While the programing is voluntary, we encourage students to pursue their own religious heritage while exploring others. Opportunities are offered for religious education both in traditional and less traditional settings. 

Living at Landmark

Landmark's Residential Life Program emphasizes responsibility, respect, and independence. From the dining room to the playing fields, from the dorms to the surrounding communities, residential students are continuously developing positive self-advocacy skills. Students learn how to manage schoolwork and schedules, support friends and roommates, and participate in the larger Landmark community. 

Students who board at Landmark High School are surrounded by peers from around the country and the globe. Landmark quickly becomes a second home to our students and their housemates become family. Friendships made here last a lifetime.

"I have had the pleasure of living on campus for the past two years, and it truly is my home away from home. Living on campus has helped me grow into who I am today, and I am more capable of being independent. This has not only helped in daily activities, but also in my academics because I feel more confident in my work. I am glad to call Landmark home." —Margaret Hamilton '20

Health and Wellness

The Health Center is staffed by registered nurses who attend to the medical needs of the Landmark community. In addition, the school physician, the Beverly Hospital Emergency Room, and other specialists are also available for residential student appointments and emergencies.

The philosophy of the Health Center is "wellness” not sickness, and the nurses try to maintain an open and nurturing environment.

Other medical services coordinated through the Health Center include:

  • referrals to counseling
  • communication with Academic and Residential Advisors regarding medications
  • appointments with the nutritionist.

Dining Services

Landmark’s food services are provided by Sage Dining Services (link is external). A full breakfast is available Monday–Friday from 7:15 a.m. to 7:45 a.m. (check times), brunch is served on weekends from 11 a.m. – noon, milkbreak snacks are provided, and dinner is served from 5 p.m. – 6 p.m. each day. All meals include a variety of proteins, vegetarian options, grains, fruits, and vegetables. Dinner and lunch includes a variety of hot options as well as a salad/deli bar. To see Landmark's weekly menu, visit Sage's menu page (link is external).

Food service personnel work closely with students who have dietary restrictions.