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Tuition and Financial Aid Information

An investment in your child's future...

Sending your student to Landmark School is a big decision and one that offers a myriad of benefits. We realize that sending your child to Landmark is a significant investment. We are focused on increasing our financial aid fund in an effort to make Landmark accessible to more students. There are several resources within the pages of this website to help families navigate the very real issue of affording a Landmark education. Despite financial limitations, we encourage you to reach out to our Admission team to discuss your situation. 

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2021–2022 Academic Year Tuition

Day $65,000.00
Residential $85,400.00


2022 Summer Tuition

Students enrolled in grades 2–7 have three classes per day throughout the five-week program. Students in grades 8–12 have four classes per day throughout the four-week program.

Grades 2–7, Half-Day Academic Program $5,510
Grades 8–12, Half-Day Academic Program $5,920
Grades 8–12, Full-Day Academics & Afternoon Activity $7,140
Grades 8–12, Residential Program $9,500


Financial Aid

Landmark School has a limited but growing financial aid program and is able to provide some assistance to those parents/guardians who demonstrate clear financial need. To help evaluate demonstrated need, Landmark School employs the nationally standardized system for analysis offered by the School and Student Services (SSS) for financial aid, which is a service of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). Landmark’s financial aid program is administered fairly and is consistently applied in accordance with the principles and practice of the NAIS and the mission of Landmark School. The NAIS will accept financial aid applications for the 2022–2023 school year after November 2021.

For further questions regarding the financial aid process, please contact Jodi Bertolino, Landmark School Controller, at and 978-236-3206.

529 Plans can now be used for K-12 educational expenses. Read more to learn how you can apply these funds to a Landmark education.

Tax Deductible Expenses

​Landmark School provides special-education services and therefore, payments to Landmark may be considered deductible medical-care expenses under the Internal Revenue Code. The regulations under Section 213 of the Internal Revenue Code provide that:

"While ordinary education is not medical care, the cost of medical care includes the cost of attending a special school for a handicapped individual, if his or her condition is such that the resources of the institution for alleviating such handicap are a principal reason for his or her presence there."

Whether expenses of Landmark will be deductible in a particular case, however, will depend upon the facts and circumstances of each individual student’s situation. There are also percentage limitations applicable to otherwise deductible medical expenses, depending on the parents’ income. Before taking a tax deduction for expenses relating to the special education of a student, parents should confer with their tax lawyer or accountant about the rulings and regulations under Section 213 of the Internal Revenue Code and other applicable laws.