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Community Events

Landmark High School regularly holds community events to keep the students engaged with each other and the faculty. 

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Community Nights

Community Nights are all-campus events that take place approximately once a month. Many community nights are held the Friday evening before Saturday school. Residents and day students are encouraged to attend. These events are a great way to get to know new people or spend extra time with friends. The activities are coordinated by the Dean of Students office. Questions can be directed to Mrs. Meade or Mr. Fauci.

Educational Forums

The best education is found where instruction and experience intersect to serve to expand or round out a student's perspective and knowledge base. At Landmark this is not limited to the classroom. We are also very intentional about bringing guest speakers to our school who can share their experiences whether it be a Holocaust survivor, a clergyman from any of the world's religions, or a war veteran. Moving away from the all-school assembly model to smaller gatherings that are informal, intimate, and voluntary, our goal is to promote an enriching exchange that will engage, stimulate, and challenge our students. 

Pep Rallies

Pep rallies are usually held once each season, typically before an athletic game or match against a Landmark rival. The pep rallies foster team spirit and a sense of camaraderie among students and faculty. The events are organized by the Athletic Department.