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Testimonials about Landmark's Summer Program

Read what past participants and parents have to say about Landmark's Summer Program.

Jeannette, Summer Program parent: "Each day I have had tremendous sense of peace as my son walked through the [Landmark] school doors. The program shows immensely how much the staff truly cares for each student. In the short five weeks, I have seen my son grow with confidence and have a better sense of belonging. As his mother, I could not have asked for a better gift...a gift that Landmark has so graciously given."

Bonnie, Summer Program parent: "Hallie's experience at Landmark last summer was the best thing that ever happened. My daughter's enthusiasm for your school went beyond my highest expectations. Hallie started high school with such a positive outlook." 

Michelle, Summer Program parent: " Yes, The Landmark Summer Program met my expectations! My son, Adam, is presently working very close to grade level and has learned strategies to help him be successful."

Jean, Summer Program parent: “Landmark's summer program was a turning point for my son's reading and writing as well as emotional well being. It built my son's reading, writing, and organizational skills from the bottom up. My son's self confidence was lacking for years. It was great to see him so happy and thankful. I would absolutely recommend this program to other parents. These were well spent 6 weeks!"

Donna, Summer Program parent: “My daughter was a 6th grader, going into 7th grade. She came for the summer boarding program and the gains she made academically and the growth in maturity were just amazing...In those six weeks at Landmark she became empowered...The Summer Program is a good opening door for the student, the family and the school - to truly discover what a student needs. It is the perfect test trial.”

Jill, Summer Program parent: "It was important for my son to be with other kids with the same learning profile and remind him, from summer to summer, that he was not alone - his learning situation is shared by a lot of other students. The friendships he has made with these students and faculty have helped him tremendously.”

Dianne & David, Summer Program parents of two students: "Nathan's strengths and weaknesses were discovered and addressed. He loved Landmark and has greatly benefitted from his experience there. It was also a brilliant experience for our other son, Sam. He loved it and benefitted a lot. The program was a great fit for Sam and he was very happy with all aspects. Residential living was well supervised and safe."

Mary, Summer Progam parent: "The Landmark summer program exceeded our expectations. It helped to prepare our daughter for the 9th grade at Landmark. It prepared her for academics, but focused on non-academic subjects such as theater and art too. She enjoyed the diversity. My daughter would love to attend the summer program again. Her endorsement speaks for itself."

Melissa, Summer Program student: “I am dyslexic. I felt like I was all alone with this problem and became very frustrated with the fact that I couldn’t learn the same way as other people. I knew I was smart but wondered if anyone would notice. At Landmark, I found out how I must learn. If I didn’t understand it one way, they explained it in several other ways. I found out my best way of learning was visual. I had to see it and sometimes experience it. Everything started to make sense to me. When I came back to school, I knew I could do anything if I worked hard enough. In my competitive high school, I have a B average and a decent ranking in my class. I feel I have accomplished a lot and know I can do more. My life seems like a mountain. The climb so far has been steep, but now I am ready for the next challenge…college.”

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