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High School Dress Code

As we return to school this year, the need to foster a more comfortable learning environment has prompted the school to adopt a more casual dress code for the beginning of the 2020–2021 school year.  

As with any dress code, we ask that you strive to follow the spirit of the code. With this in mind, the following standards are set out as guidelines for students who attend Landmark High School. 

Our “dress comfortably” dress code will be in effect for the first quarter and will be re-evaluated prior to the start of the second quarter. As we move from the more formal dress code of collared shirts being tucked in, pants and shorts being specific style,  “dress comfortably” means we are more relaxed but strive to look presentable.  This means, nothing ripped, torn, or clothes with holes in them.  Clothes need to be clean and create an availability for learning.


T-Shirts need to be a full length, with a round neckline and standard sleeve length. 

Shirts may not represent any type of drug, alcohol, tobacco, or vaping products; nor may they portray any person, place, thing, lifestyle, identity or orientation in a negative or derogatory manner. 


Shorts must be a minimum length of a 5” inseam. No cut-offs are permitted.


Solid-colored brown, navy, or black khaki or corduroy-style pants or jeans.


Footwear may include casual, dress shoes, sneakers, or dress sandals. Flip-flops or any type of sports sandals are NOT allowed during the academic school day. Slippers are also not appropriate.

Dresses and Skirts

Dresses and skirts are not permitted.


Landmark will sell sweatshirts through the student store that may be worn during the school day over dress code shirts. Sweatshirts purchased through athletic teams, activities, or residences must be approved.


Baseball caps may be worn outside during the school days but not inside any buildings.


Face coverings/masks must be worn at all times when indoors. Masks can be cloth or disposable. Bandanas, buffs/neck gaiters, and masks with vents may not be worn. See the Landmark Face-Covering Policy for more information.


While a matter of personal choice, haircuts or styles should not need constant attention or be distracting and should not cover the eyes or face. Students may not shave their heads in any configuration. No unnatural colors, nor multiple colors are permitted.