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Religious Life

Landmark School established its chaplaincy in 1996 to address the spiritual and religious life of our students. While all of the programing is voluntary, we encourage students to pursue their own religious heritage while exploring others. Opportunities are offered for religious education both in traditional and less traditional settings. 

Religious Classes and Services at Landmark 

Catholic and Protestant confirmation classes are provided and are designed with the unique learning challenges of our students in mind. In less traditional settings, Christian and Jewish youth groups are introduced at the beginning of each school year, and all students are invited to listen to clerical leaders of other faiths (Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, and Muslim) through our religious forum program. Ash Wednesday and Good Friday services are provided for those who wish to attend, and all religious holidays provide the opportunity to educate the Landmark community of their significance. Students are encouraged to attend religious services and transportation is provided upon request.

Landmark High School's chaplain, Rev. Bill Ferguson, supports students in the pursuit of their own religious and faith traditions while also providing awareness of the same to the school community as a whole. Serving the greater community is another significant part of the chaplain's programs. Students participate throughout the year in hundreds of hours of community service projects both locally and abroad.

Please contact Rev. Bill Ferguson for more information.