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Transition and Guidance

College-Prep Program—More Than Placement

Landmark School provides a college-preparatory curriculum to all students. Each year, about 94% of Landmark graduates move on to two- or four-year colleges. We prepare our students for college with a robust curriculum, a focus on study skills and executive function, internship opportunities, and close, regular contact with our supportive and attentive guidance staff.

The guidance office carefully matches students with colleges and universities that offer support services and works diligently to make sure each student finds the best fit for their educational needs, goals, and learning style.

Our goal is to equip students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in college and in life. Landmark’s low student-to-teacher ratio, small class sizes, and one-to-one tutorial ensure that our faculty know and understand each student’s interests and academic potential beyond Landmark.

Preparing Students for a Range of Post-Secondary Options

Landmark prides itself on its college-preparatory program, but we realize college is not for everyone. While the vast majority of our students go onto college, some move to gap programs or directly into the workplace. Our guidance office individualizes the transition process for each student. Landmark’s curriculum offers a wide range of electives in the visual arts, performing arts, practical arts, and technology that exposes students to potential career paths and other post-secondary options.

Our coordinated and integrated transition curriculum encourages students to identify their interests and skills, explore their talents throughout their Landmark experience, and understand themselves as learners as they plan for the future. Students engage in transition activities in Saturday School workshops, tutorials, classes, and meetings with their Academic Advisors. These workshops serve as a foundation that informs and guides them as they begin to work with the guidance office in their junior year.

Guidance Newsletters and Calendar

Transition Planning

Each year a student is at Landmark High School, the transition curriculum will have a specific focus and theme that helps students think about their post-secondary planning. Learn about the transition process by year:

  • Freshman year: Students explore their interests.
  • Sophomore year: Students work to understand themselves as learners.
  • Junior year: They look at the various post-secondary options and begin to explore each option.
  • Senior year: Students make some final decisions and develop a plan for the next step after Landmark.

Post-Secondary Options

The College Option


Landmark College Acceptances

After the Acceptance

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For more information about Landmark’s transition plan, please contact Suzanne Crossman, Director of Transition and Guidance.