Motivation Webinar High School

Resources from Motivation Learns Webinar

Landmark Learns presented webinars on Motivation for High School and Elementary•Middle School families in December of 2020. Both were a resounding success, with our presenters offering timely, topical information and attendees asking thoughtful, relevant questions. Below are resources from both presentations.

Resources from Presentations

Recording of High School Motivation Webinar


Slide Deck from High School Motivation Webinar

HS Motivation Webinar


Recording of Elementary•Middle School Motivation Webinar

Slide Deck from Elementary•Middle School Motivation Webinar

EMS Webinar slide deck thumbnail

Landmark School Presenters

Kyle Clark, Language Arts faculty member and campus coordinator
Lauren Torres, assistant Physical Education Department head, Oral Expression and Social Communication faculty member

Tara Joly-Lowdermilk, assistant dean of students and assistant athletic director
Mike Cunha, Social Studies Department faculty member