anxiety in young students

Resources from Landmark Learns Anxiety Webinars

Landmark Learns presented webinars on Anxiety for Elementary•Middle School families in January 2021. Presenters offered timely, topical information, and attendees asked thoughtful, relevant questions. Below are resources from presentations.

Resources from Presentations

Recording of High School Anxiety Webinar

​Daniel Larson, Landmark High School Counseling Department Head
Robb Genetelli, Dean of Students

Slide Decks from High School Anxiety Webinar




Recording of Elementary•Middle School Anxiety Webinar

Presenter: Laura Polvinen, EMS Counseling Department Head

Slide Deck from Elementary•Middle School Anxiety Webinar

Standing Up to Anxiety Cover Slide


Additional Resources

Anxiety and What I Would Tell #MyYoungerSelf | Bill Hader