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Six Teaching Principles: #5 Provide Models

Tuesday, May 25, 2021


Providing models is simple, yet very important. It is one of the most effective teaching techniques.

Models are concrete examples of what teachers expect. They do not mean that teachers are doing assignments for students. They are standards to which students can compare their own work. A model or an example of a completed assignment serves as a springboard for students to begin the assignment. For example, teachers should give students a model of a sequential paragraph when teaching basic sequential paragraph writing.

In Practice

“In our Early Childhood Education class, we asked students to create children’s books explaining ‘how babies are made.’ We read them a few examples to provide visual and oral structure, and then gave them blank, hardcover books. The assignment provided students with an opportunity to be creative and explain a complicated process using simple language. Their final products were terrific!” —Ariel Martin-Cone, High School academic dean

explanation of landmark schools fifth teaching principle: modeling

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