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Six Teaching Principles: #1 Provide Opportunities for Success

Thursday, March 25, 2021

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Providing students with opportunities for success is key. Failure and poor self-esteem often result when teachers challenge students beyond their ability.

Landmark begins teaching students at their current level of ability. This approach improves basic skills and enhances confidence. As Landmark teachers introduce each new skill, they provide basic examples and assignments to build confidence and keep students from becoming overwhelmed. As the information becomes more challenging, teachers assign students easier problems to supplement the more difficult ones. In this way, those students who are having trouble with the material complete at least part of the assignment while they work at understanding and learning to apply new information. Teachers provide students with whatever structure is necessary to help students be successful, such as study guides for tests, templates for writing, and guidelines for projects. Only with a solid foundation of basic skills and confidence can students make progress. That is why it is key to provide them with opportunities for success.

NOTE: Providing opportunities for success is the most basic of the building blocks of the Landmark approach. If the other five principles are applied effectively they should all lead to the student experiencing and being aware of their success. 

In Practice

“Academic advisors use goal sheets to help students make positive decisions. This allows teachers to provide constructive and positive feedback in person and on the goal sheet. They also allow the student, teacher, advisor, and parents to be informed of the patterns of behavior and the goal(s) that the student is working toward.” —Geoff Russell, EMS academic advisor

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