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Hannah T. tends goals for Landmark School
Like most schools, Landmark paused its athletic and other extracurricular programming when the COVID-19 pandemic shut our world down in March of 2020.
COVID and Me Art Contest, Landmark School
This winter, in place of the annual Winter Photo Contest, Landmark School participated in a contest sponsored by the World Awareness Children's Museum in New York state called COVID-19 and Me: Changes in My World.
Citizen's Bee winners 2021
In February 2021, Landmark High School students held a virtual Citizen's Bee. The Citizen's Bee is a long-standing tradition at Landmark High School.

A Note from Mr. Barrett

Head of High School

We have always known that this is a special community of teachers and learners, and watching them respond to the challenges put before them this year has been immensely gratifying.

We remain grateful for our students and families and all they are accomplishing both on campus and from afar. Day and hybrid students continue to follow our protocols to keep each other safe, attending classes on campus and interacting with each other in conditions that they have never experienced. Our remote students have been amazing at integrating into their classroom communities and advocating for their needs as learners, while also navigating a learning platform that few people knew even existed a year ago. 

Our faculty have also demonstrated amazing resiliency, creativity, and flexibility as they strive to meet the individualized needs of both in-person and remote learners in their classes. This has been a community-wide effort with few parallels in our 49-year history.  As we continue to look forward and anticipate the uncertainty of what lies ahead, we find comfort in our shared responsibility toward each other as teachers and learners. There is much to be proud of.