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Yasmine Demeter

Class of 2027 • Proud, Determined, Friendly

When Yasmine arrived at Landmark as a third grader, her advisor, Joni McLaughlin, created a program for Yasmine focused on expressive language, social thinking, and a predictable structure. They met regularly and worked through role plays of daily interactions. Wendy Ellis, EMS speech and language therapist, offered word-retrieval strategies and exercises to support working memory. 

Now in her third year at Landmark, Yasmine is a comfortable and productive member of Liz Scola’s elementary class. The language-based classroom, carefully crafted by Liz, addresses Yasmine’s needs and builds upon her strengths. The calm, structured routine creates an unhurried, yet purposeful pace for seven students, ensuring that Yasmine is seen and heard, not lost in a crowd. Previewing the agenda on the board reminds Yasmine of the class focus and what will come next. Oral review and cueing help her recall thematic vocabulary and concepts. Familiar templates spark written production. Yasmine has identified three goals for herself: “I want to make my cursive writing better, to learn about more countries in social studies, and to look up when I’m presenting my event retell.”  

One-on-one tutorial is a warm inviting space Yasmine and her tutor, Lisa Nichols, have created together. “Making personal connections has always been important to Yasmine,” Lisa noted. On each of their tutorial’s walls are creative touches. Over their workspace a heart painted by Yasmine radiates red, orange, and purple splashes bursting forth from every side. 

With encouragement to express herself built into her program, Yasmine has found her place at Landmark. She smiles in the hall, waves a friendly “hi” to all, and often shares a joke. As a three-year veteran of the cheerleading team, she has impressed Coach Scola with her positive attitude and willingness to learn and practice new cheers. “Having her in class for the first time this year, I have seen how readily Yasmine accepts new challenges and displays a positive work ethic,”  Liz said. When not cheering, Yasmine stays after school and designs impressive structures (a veterinary clinic!) in LEGO Club while making plans for her next outing with friends. 

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