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Tips to Help You Make Your Final College Decision

You've been accepted to several schools. The next step is deciding which to attend. Use these tips and suggestions to help you make the final decision.

Compare Support Programs

  • Make a list of the supports and accommodations that are essential for your success. Decide which school provides you with the best set of services.
  • Contact the support faculty at your top two or three schools. Evaluate your ability to develop a positive working relationship with the support staff.
  • Talk to students at the schools who currently access the support.

Compare Financial Aid Packages

  • Examine the award packages that you were given from each school.
  • Talk to your parents to discuss which is the best package for your family.

Tap into Landmark Alumni

  • Contact Landmark alumni who have attended schools on your list and ask about their transition.
  • If you need help contacting alumni, ask the Guidance Office to facilitate this process for you.

Attend Accepted Student Days

  • Select your top two or three school and attend accepted students events.
  • Visit classes and talk with students.
  • Try to explore the school “off the beaten path.”
  • Pay attention to the life of the campus…read posters and announcements, go to sporting events, visit on a weekend to get a sense of campus life.
  • Stay overnight and visit classes if at all possible.

Examine Major and Requirements

  • Spend some time getting a detailed look at the requirements for your intended major.
  • Is there a need to seek a foreign language waiver or substitution? Begin that discussion now. (This may not be possible for all majors so find that out prior to enrolling!)
  • Compare courses and opportunities for internships.
  • Compare career placement statistics.

Consider Family and Extra-Curricular Options

  • Think about how frequently you will be able to travel home.
  • Compare the ease of travel to each of the various campus (how close to airports, train stations, etc.).
  • Compare the extra-curricular opportunities at each school.

Seek Input from Teachers

  • While teachers and parents can’t make the decision for you, it is wise to sit with them to seek their opinion.
  • Your academic advisers, tutor, and other teachers can give you some good points to consider as you evaluate your options.

Trust Your Gut

  • If you visit a school and “something” does not feel right…trust that instinct.

Make a Pro/Con List

  • It helps to put your thoughts in writing. 
  • Your guidance counselor will help you with this process as well.