middle school students in classroom wearing masks

This is Me

By Abby Cournoyer ’25

By Abby Cournoyer ’25


A long, long time ago I was in a class and I noticed that I was different. There were kids who were not like me. Kids that knew everything and I knew nothing. In first grade I was put in B6, a class for special kids. But in this class there were other kids that were not like me.

Then, I was diagnosed with dyslexia and it was like I was struck by lightning. I had no clue what dyslexia was. I tried to fit in but I just couldn’t. I remember I was lonely and my only friends were teachers, but only some of them liked me. My mom said that she would never allow me to be in that class again.

I was removed from classes and that made me feel even worse; it was like I was in a cage and every time I tried to get out it got harder. And I was bullied too, but not that badly. I was afraid…I didn’t feel like myself anymore. I blocked everyone out and I didn’t trust kids or adults. I only trusted my mom and dad and a few other people. I sat alone. I ate alone. I worked alone. It was heartbreaking for my parents.

In fifth grade I was in a special class that had a teacher that didn’t get me, and she treated me like I was a toy that had no feelings. And then there was Wilson. Wilson is a type of learning method. Wilson was a wave of words, and every time I tried to take a break it pulled me under. That year was hard, but I pulled through it. Then the news arrived that changed my life forever…I made it to Landmark!

Now, I'm at Landmark and I fit in, and every student is like me. 

I am able to let myself out again…Now I am me.