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Sunaina “Su” Hoon

Class of 2022 • motivated, hard working, invested

“Living so far from home—India—is really hard, but Su wants to be here,” said Joe Rose, Sunaina “Su” Hoon’s academic advisor. “She knows that her customized program will help her achieve her goals—of which she has many! Su knows that every door is open to her here.”

Su is a driven and capable sophomore in her second year at Landmark. She is in the Prep Program, where most students do not have a daily tutorial. After Su’s freshman year, Joe realized that she needed a bit more support with her writing, reading comprehension, and organization, so he built a schedule for her that included a daily tutorial. He also knew that having outlets to relieve stress was a priority for Su, so she takes yoga every day in an after-school program that allows her to also participate in art two afternoons each week, alternating with a supervised study hall. 

“My school in India was very competitive and students were expected to be more independent,” Su said. “We were reading Shakespeare in sixth grade! My mom had me tested in fifth grade because I was beginning to lag behind and that’s when I learned that I had dyslexia.” 

Jeremy Melvin was selected as Su’s tutorial teacher and said, “Su is the ideal student. She is highly motivated to improve her skills. Working with Su is more like collaboration than teaching because she’s so invested.”

Not surprisingly, Su’s favorite time of the day, given her busy schedule, is in the evening when she has “me time.” “I’m interested in homeopathic healthcare and I practice Ayurveda, which includes giving friends from my house neck and shoulder massages and treating our hair and skin with essential oils from home.” She continues, “I love the feeling of being more self sufficient and I know Landmark has helped me with that.” 

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