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Summer Study Skills Workshop
Two-week, half-day program for middle and high school students.

July 27 – August 7, 2020

We encourage you to apply early for 2020 as spaces fill quickly.

Strong Study Skills = Academic Success

It's been proven that effective study skills, routines, and habits lead to a more successful academic experience. With Skills+, in just two weeks middle and high school students can take their skills to the next level. Executive function challenges are common among students. Our short and effective seminars will help students refine their study and executive function skills, explore and adopt new strategies, develop strong study habits, and boost academic achievement in a small, low-pressure setting.

Our Students

Our Skills+ program is designed specifically for students enrolled in public or private middle and high schools who need to develop strategies and skills to apply across all subjects for an academic advantage next year and beyond.

The program is designed for students who have NOT been diagnosed with a language-based learning disability, but seek help with executive function skills and strategies to improve and strengthen their academic experience.

Read details about Landmark's Middle and High School Skills+ Programs:

High School Study Skills Program

High School Study Skills

8 am - 12 pm
Learning the essential tools to learn more effectively in high school and beyond is the goal of this dynamic and results oriented class.

The seminar will focus on:

  • Organizing time and materials
  • Planning, prioritizing, and initiating tasks
  • Creating routines for work completion
  • Focusing and sustaining attention
  • Managing emotions
  • Maximizing working memory
  • Self-monitoring and task shifting

Cost: $1,650

Middle School Study and Writing Skills Program

Middle School Study and Writing Skills

8 a.m. - 12 noon
This class offers an essential array of writing and study skills to give middle school students greater confidence and a competitive advantage through their middle and high school experiences.

Through this engaging and lively class students will learn to:

  • Organize their time and materials
  • Plan, prioritize, and follow through on tasks
  • Set individual goals, self reflect, and monitor progress
  • Actively read: follow a systematic approach before, during, and after reading
  • Understand the building blocks of writing
  • Follow a simple five-step process while writing
  • Systematically proofread and edit written work

Cost: $1,650

Skills+ Student and Parent Testimonials

Testimonials from Skills+ Students:

"Skills+ was really helpful for me. I was really nervous about getting back into the school year but after Skills+ I feel more confident already."
Elizabeth, 7th grade

"It was great to learn study skills in a classroom setting. The structured environment made it easier to learn."
Jason, 10th grade

"I was very satisfied with the overall outcome of this workshop and I feel prepared for the upcoming school year. I know I will use many of these skills in the future."
Carla, 9th grade

Testimonials from Skills+ Parents:

The workshop was much better than I could ever have imagined. My child was engaged in the work and took the class seriously. He also seemed to enjoy it! The teachers were great and highly skilled in order to achieve this with my bright but strong-willed child! Results were apparent immediately as he is using his time better and putting things away after using them. Thank you."
Robin, parent of high school student

We have been very pleased by the information being presented and the discussions that the week has inspired. Understanding how you learn and having a road map seems to be guiding us in a positive direction after just two weeks."
Gretchen and Melissa, parents of a middle school student


Schedule & Format

The two-week course runs Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-12 noon. A light snack will be offered mid-morning. Landmark teachers present each seminar in a structured, multi-modal format that provides an active, hands-on application of class material. Classes are limited in size and offer an extensive opportunity to apply, practice, and master new skills. At the end of the seminar, students receive a certificate of completion and a binder full of suggested skills and proven strategies to implement during the school year.


The two-week Skills+ program is $1,650 and includes all instructional materials and a light snack. Full payment is required prior to the seminar and is nonrefundable. Confirmation and directions will be sent upon receipt of your payment and registration information. Group discounts can be negotiated. Some scholarships are available and discounts may be offered for referrals.

Online Registration

Questions? Please contact Margot Marcou, Skills+ Program Director, 978-236-3324