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Science Fair—30 Years Strong

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

On Thursday, February 13, 2020, the annual Science Fair was held at Landmark High School's Swalm Science Center, marking the 30th anniversary of this tradition, started by former head of the Science Department, Dan Crossman. 

More than 50 students participated this year with projects ranging from testing the efficacy of ski wax on ski performance at varying temperatures (Kyle S. and Anika J.), whether the size and number of holes placed in the cap of a Coke bottle would affect the distance the soda would be propelled when Mentos candies were added to the liquid (Garland W.), how music genres of rap, easy listening, rock, or pop affect concentration (Anna R.), and much more. 

Lily M. explored the difference in time and efficiency of lasers to produce cutouts and engravings. "I got the idea during the Fall Parents Days. My dad manufactures lasers and I thought this would be something I could test and be able to access his expertise as a primary source," said Lily M. Using her knowledge of the technology and to test out her hypothesis, she also designed the magnets for this year's Fair (see gallery below). Mr. Gasowski produced the magnets and designed and produced the medals.

Landmark's sophomore Physical Science and Marine Science classes, as well as the junior Ecology class participated and began setting the foundation for fair entries in mid December. These projects not only allowed students to dive deeply in to their specific topics, but also challenged them to exercise research, time management, and study skills.

Christina Scanlon, assistant head of the science department said, "Students presented their projects throughout several periods during the day which were judged by faculty members and administrators. Judges evaluated each student's use of the scientific method, content, oral presentation, and display. The day was a great way for students to share a self-directed project that they developed and fine tuned over two months. And it was great to see how proud they were of the hard work they invested in their projects."

This year's winners are:   

1st place, Running and Memory, Emily V.
2nd place - Which Golf Ball Will Perform the Best?, Ethan C.
3rd place - AI vs. Humans, Matt F

Gallery of some of the many highlights of this year's Science Fair: