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Hybrid Model Explained

Overview of the Academic Program for Fall 2020

Read details about the Hybrid Model at  Landmark Elementary•Middle School

  • The current plan is for the Elementary•Middle School to proceed with a hybrid model in September. To reduce the density of students and faculty on campus, the campus will be split into two “pods.” Each pod will have one week of in-person instruction followed by one week of remote instruction. Both the in-person and the remote schedules will follow a daily timetable of 7:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The remote schedule will be conducted through Google Meet™ video conferencing and Google Classroom™. 
  • Students will have the same teachers and classmates whether they are in-person or remote. They will all work together collaboratively on the week that they are on campus, and they will all transition to remote work together. 
  • The Middle School daily schedule includes six academic core classes of 45 minutes each. Classes include: Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Oral Expression/Literature, and a daily one-to-one tutorial. One specials period per day offers a mix of physical education and electives.
  • The Elementary School daily schedule includes the following core classes of 45 minutes each: Language Arts, Math, Social Studies/Science, Oral Expression/Literature and Library, a daily one-to-one tutorial, and Enrichment/Executive Function. One specials period per day offers a mix of physical education and electives.
  • The daily tutorial will always be delivered remotely. This allows for students and teachers to work without facial coverings. This also avoids close personal contact due to our space constraints, as well as the fact that tutors may be in a different pod than their tutees. During their in-person weeks on campus, students will access their remote tutorial through a Chromebook™ in an assigned space (with a monitor to assist with technology needs).
  • Each pod will include half of the elementary students (approximately 25 students) and half of the middle school (approximately 50 students).
  • The primary factor for pod placement is academic class scheduling. After students are placed into appropriate classes based on their academic needs, the classes will be distributed into the pods. A secondary factor in pod placement will be parent requests for nonacademic reasons, such as carpooling. There may be times when parent requests for particular pods cannot be met, due to differing class placement needs. Families will be notified of pod placement on August 17.
  • During in-person weeks, the drop-off and pick-up routines are as follows: All students should be dropped off between 7:30 a.m. and 7:45 a.m. at the main entrance (archway). Attendance will be taken upon arrival and students will be directed to their designated morning locations. Elementary students will go to the gym for breakfast and social time. Middle schoolers will go to the dining room and meeting room for breakfast and social time. The school day ends at 3:00 p.m. All students should be picked up no later than 3:15 p.m. If families or transportation companies are running late, please call the main office at 978-236-3100.

Information as of July 30, 2020.