Landmark middle school student Fall

Ready to Move On

by Erin Morrisseau ’20

When I started at Landmark, I knew it would not be easy. I thought that, after my past school experiences, it was going to be extremely difficult to be happy and learn. Classroom confidence is something most people with dyslexia struggle with on a daily basis—especially in school.

I thought that Landmark would be the same, but I was wrong.

Having attended Landmark for seven years, I have watched myself grow mentally and academically into who I am today. Landmark not only gave me the ability to read, write, and complete math problems properly, but it also rebuilt my confidence as a learner and a student with a learning disability. The experiences I had at Landmark shaped me to be strong and determined. I know that when things go wrong, it is up to me to make them right. 

However, as I entered into my senior spring and got ready to close this Landmark chapter, COVID-19 appeared. At first, it was strange, new, and of little concern to me, but once the senior trip was canceled, I knew it was over. Just like seven years ago before I came to Landmark, I felt lost. I was scared not knowing what would happen after Landmark. I sat back and I thought about my past seven years of school and all the skills I learned to help me succeed. I remembered all the times I struggled and felt as though I would never finish a chapter on time, but I would always finish the book. I knew that I could get through this and that everything would be all right in the end. 

Just as I figured all this out on my own, Landmark announced a delayed graduation ceremony. Looking back now, knowing the Erin I was seven years ago, I would not be able to stand where I am today with a smile on my face if it wasn’t for Landmark. Times are very tough with COVID-19, but with the skills and perseverance we’ve learned, we can and will get through this together. Moving on to the new chapter of my life, I will take the skills I learned from Landmark and be a stronger and wiser person. The Landmark community, as always, will stay strong and teach little sixth graders like I was how to be strong. I am ready to move on, thanks to Landmark. 

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