middle school students in classroom wearing masks

Questions to Ask Students Who Access College Support Services

Many colleges offer students with learning disabilities accommodations and services through the Disability Services Office. When you visit colleges, it's important to meet with a representative from the office. It's very helpful to talk to students who receive services from the office. Ask the Disability Services Office if you can meet with one of these students, or make conversation with a student who's in the office during your visit. Use this list of questions so you're prepared for the meeting.

  • Can you compare the types of support you received in high school to the services you have now?
  • Is the disability office responsive to your needs?
  • How supportive and open have professors been to your requests for accommodations?
  • Have you faced any challenges in securing the accommodations?
  • Have you used tutorial support? How effective has it been?
  • What advice would you give to new freshmen starting college?