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The Quadruple Threat of the Theater

by Nate Efinger

Paige Steriti ’19

A Remarkable Performer

Landmark’s Performing Arts Department is filled with enthusiastic and talented students from all over the country.  We are constantly awed by the quality of our actors, singers, dancers, technicians, costumers, make up artists, and more.

The department is divided into four major disciplines: dance, music, technical support, and theater. When a student “crosses the boundaries” and is involved with two disciplines, it’s noteworthy; to participate in three facets of the program is rare; and for a student to work in every discipline within the department is remarkable.

Meet Paige Steriti ’19. Paige came to Landmark in 2015 with a passion for music and a budding interest in theater. It was clear from the start that she would find success within the program. She began by taking the Exploring Music course, an introduction to music theory and appreciation. She learned how to play the piano and guitar and eventually could accompany herself in performances. Before too long she was immersed in every after-school performing arts program. Paige soon found success as an actress, claiming the leading role in the spring musical, Once Upon a Mattress—as a freshman!

A Bright Future

As time passed, Paige got involved with the dance program by taking a combined music/dance class. Paige had now established herself as a triple threat with growing skills in acting, singing, and dancing.

Never one to rest idle or pass up a challenge, Paige also embraced the technical side of theater, spending hours helping with set construction on a variety of productions. Director of Technical Theater Andy Knox ’97 said of Paige, “Her primary roles are on stage but she is a tireless worker behind the scenes too.”  

Now in her senior year, Paige not only leads by example, but she is also dedicated to helping others achieve their goals. She thinks nothing of meeting a friend at a coffee shop on the weekend to help them rehearse lines or accompany a peer on piano to prepare for an upcoming show.

This young woman literally does it all. Keep your eyes peeled in your next Broadway Playbill for the name Paige Steriti!


Article originally published in The Lantern, Fall 2018/Winter 2019.