Landmark Parents' Association

Landmark Parents' Association

The purpose of the Landmark Parents' Association (LPA) is to cultivate a strong sense of community and to support Landmark School in its mission to foster an understanding of language-based learning disabilities. All parents and guardians are automatically members. Welcome!

2021-2022 Officers

President: Mark Moreschi P'23
High School Co-Vice Presidents: Jacquie Gardner P'23​ and Kathy Linhares P'23
EMS Co-Vice Presidents: Jamie Sullivan P'26 and Maureen Ferreira P'29
Treasurer: Carolyn Beatty P'27
Secretary: Suzanne Below P'23
Landmark Fund Liaison: Heidi Dubreuil P'24
Parent Education Liaison: David De Celis P'25

Support LPA Programming at Landmark School

A meaningful way to support LPA-sponsored initiatives is by making a gift to the Landmark Fund. The Landmark Fund is the cornerstone of all operations at the school, including the funding source of the LPA.  


Upcoming Meetings & Events

While the LPA hosts several of their own meetings, this year they are partnering with the campuses, Advancement, and others to provide a whole menu of parent events. Take a look!