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Seeing the Other Side: Simulation Lets Parents Experience Children's Dyslexia

Read this news article about how a dyslexia simulation tool allows people to have a first-hand view of what it might feel like to struggle with dyslexia. 

Landmark Student Does Not Let Dyslexia Stand in His Way

"12-Year-Old Challenged Everyday With Dyslexia: Walsh Doesn’t Let Anything Stand in His Way"
​Read this heartwarming article about Landmark School's Cullen Walsh.

Landmark Students Profiled on WBUR

LISTEN to this WBUR profile of two of our students who travel 100 miles a day to attend Landmark Elementary•Middle School, where they are thriving now that their learning needs are being met.

Subject Matter Experts

Many of Landmark's faculty, staff, and administrators are recognized thought leaders in the field of language-based learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, and are available to provide expert testimony for related news articles. 

Dan Ahearn, Asst. Head of School, Director of Landmark Outreach

Daniel Ahearn
​Assistant Head of Landmark School, Director of Landmark School Outreach Program

Dan has a B.A. from the University of Rochester, an M.A. in Education from Tufts University, and a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School. In addition to serving as Assistant Head of School and Director of the Landmark Outreach Program, he teaches language arts, social studies, and the Student Advocates class. He also coaches soccer and tennis at Landmark High School. Finally, Dan coordinates Landmark’s licensure and approvals with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education, and he handles miscellaneous legal issues for the school. He teaches Disability and Special Needs Law at Harvard and Suffolk Universities. Dan enjoys hiking, biking, tennis, and running in his spare time.

Areas of expertise:

  • Special education law
  • Language-based learning disabilities (LBLD), such as dyslexia
  • Consulting with schools and districts to improve language-based teaching
  • Teaching writing
  • Professional development programs for educators

Robert Broudo Headmaster, Co-Founder, President - Landmark School

Robert Broudo Headmaster, Co-Founder, President - Landmark School

Immediately following his graduation from Bates College where he met Landmark’s founding Headmaster Charles Drake, Bob joined the Landmark staff as a teacher/tutor. During the years since (excepting graduate school and serving a three-year stint as Director of the Walworth Barbour American and International School in Israel) he successively became an academic and residential supervisor, department head, and developed and directed both Landmark’s Outreach Program and Landmark’s Prep School Program. Bob served for several years as the campus director before he was elected Headmaster in 1990.

He has served on numerous boards and committees, including those for Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA), Brookwood School, Waring School, Glen Urquhart School, Danversbank, the Anti-Defamation League, and Peabody Essex Museum. Bob holds a B.A. in Developmental Psychology from Bates College and a M.Ed. in educational administration from Boston University Graduate School of Education. Bob enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking, relaxing with family, reading, and entertaining friends.

Areas of expertise:

  • Starting an educational non-profit
  • Non-profit and school sustainability
  • The importance of mission and goals
  • Team building
  • Transparency as a best practice
  • Collaboration 
  • Respecting the dignity of all learners
  • A school's role in the community
  • The culture of a school and issues related to change

Suzanne Crossman, Director of Transition and Guidance - Landmark School

Suzanne Crossman, Director of Transition and Guidance - Landmark High School

Suzanne Crossman came to Landmark School in 1982 and has been a teacher, case manager, department head and program director at Landmark School. For twenty years, Suzanne served as the Prep Program Director and focused on helping students develop the study, writing, and advocacy skills needed to succeed at the post secondary level. Suzanne also worked with a faculty team to develop and build an integrated transition curriculum at Landmark High School. In 2013 Suzanne began working as Director of Transition and Guidance. She and her husband, Dan, have enjoyed working at Landmark for many years. They have two children and enjoy working with their church, traveling, camping, and hiking. 

Areas of Expertise

  • College guidance, post-secondary transition, and college readiness
  • Integration of study skills instruction into academic content areas
  • Exploring post secondary options for students with language-based learning disabilities
  • Disability support in post-secondary education

Helene Dionne Head of Counseling, Landmark School

Helene grew up in Montreal and Quebec City where she completed a Master’s degree in clinical psychology at the University of Montreal. She did specialized training in family therapy before enrolling and graduating from a doctoral program in psychology at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. She worked in a variety of settings including hospitals, mental health outpatient clinics, and schools until 2003, when she became the Director of Counseling Services at Landmark School. Outside interests include sailing and flute playing.

Areas of expertise:

  • Impact of learning disabilities on emotional and social development
  • Impact of learning disabilities on family life
  • School adjustment
  • Bullying
  • First time away from home
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Peer relationships


William Ferguson Landmark School Chaplain

As the Chaplain of a non-denominational independent school, Bill Ferguson holds an unusual but treasured position at Landmark School. Bill has a B.A. from Gordon College, an M. Div. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and an M.S. Ed from Simmons College. In 1983 at Landmark Bill taught U.S. History and one-to-one tutorials, coached boy’s soccer, and worked as a campus coordinator in the school’s residential program before leaving for four years of graduate work at Gordon-Conwell. In 1992 he received a certificate from the National Reference Institute listing him in the “Who’s Who Among Human Service Professionals.” Upon his return to Landmark, he continued teaching U.S. History until he initiated the chaplaincy program in 1996, enabling him to work with students of all faiths and nationalities. In 2000 he also established the school’s community service program that thrives today with Landmark students contributing over 6,000 hours annually of service to the communities on the North Shore and in hometowns across the country. In 2010 he received a citation from the Massachusetts House of Representatives through the American Red Cross for encouraging the involvement of Landmark students in the local community. Bill enjoys traveling, running, hiking, outdoor sports, teaches Sunday School, and sings in the choir at his church.

  • Enabling students’ spiritual growth through faith and service
  • Developing community service and spiritual programming for schools
  • Reading fluency and comprehension
  • Written expression and vocabulary development
  • Executive functioning and study skills
  • Ministering to the Landmark community

Peter Harris Language Arts Department Head, Landmark Elementary•Middle School

Peter has been with Landmark since 1998. He serves as Co-Chair of the Language Arts Department, and is the Director of the Landmark Summer Program at the Elementary•Middle School. Peter has presented professional development workshops for public and private school teachers locally, and has represented Landmark as a speaker at the International Dyslexia Association and the Learning Disabilities Association of America annual conferences for many years. In addition, Peter has maintained a private tutoring practice on the North Shore for over a decade. He graduated from Plymouth State University in 1998 with a BA in English and History minoring in Art History. He received his MS.Ed. in 2002 from Simmons College in Special Education. Peter enjoys photography, brewing beer, and spending time with his wife and four children.

Areas of expertise:

  • Executive function/working memory/attention as it relates to students with learning disabilities
  • Language-based learning disabilities student profile: strengths and weaknesses; evaluating neuropsychological testing
  • Vocabulary development
  • Teaching writing skills to elementary and middle school students
  • Current research/trends for writing in school and across curriculum areas
  • Landmark Elementary•Middle School Summer Program
  • The role and effectiveness of private tutorials

Adam Hickey Research Coordinator, Instructor - Landmark School Outreach Program

Adam is currently the Landmark School Research Coordinator and a Landmark Outreach Consultant. From 1997 – 2014, Adam taught high school American Literature in addition to his previous administrative role as an Academic Supervisor. As a literature teacher, he practiced what he preached. He encouraged his students to define learning as understanding and then move forward in their readings with their eye always toward arriving at real understanding. Adam earned his BFA in Graphic Design and Typography from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth and his Ed.M. from Harvard University in language and literacy development. While studying at Harvard, he taught at the Maria L. Baldwin School in Cambridge as a reading specialist and explored the impact of early intervention on struggling readers at the elementary level.  He also holds an MS. Ed. in education from Simmons College and is a licensed Reading Specialist and Moderate Special Needs Educator.

Areas of expertise:

  • Consulting with schools and districts to improve language-based teaching
  • Research conducted at Landmark School
  • Helping students improve executive function
  • Metacognition (thinking about thinking) in reading comprehension, written expression, and development of executive function 
  • Reading comprehension 
  • Written expression 
  • The relationship between written instruction and reading comprehension

Claire Sullivan, Head of the Landmark Elementary•Middle School

Claire Sullivan succeeded long-serving head of Landmark's Elementary•Middle School, Rob Kahn, after having served in many roles here including tutor, middle school classroom teacher, summer program director, and co-chair of the Language Arts Department. She is an expert in understanding the learning needs of children under the age of 13. 

Areas of expertise:

  • The Landmark philosophy
  • Effectiveness of the one-to-one tutorial
  • Homework and the language-based learning disabled (LBLD) child
  • Grit, goal setting, and motivation
  • Ensuring success for students
  • The importance of being earnest
  • People vs. "programs", humanizing education

Christopher Woodin, Head of the Math Department - Landmark Elementary•Middle School

Chris Woodin is a specialist in the fields of mathematics and learning disabilities. A graduate of Middlebury College and Harvard Graduate School of Education, he has taught extensively at Landmark School where he holds the Ammerman Chair of Mathematics. His published works include Multiplication and Division Facts for the Whole-to-Part, Visual Learner © 2013 and The Landmark Method of Teaching Arithmetic © 1995, as well as several journal articles. He served on the Massachusetts Department of Education’s Mathematics 2011 Curriculum Frameworks Panel, and teaches graduate-level courses to educators. Chris was the 1997 Massachusetts Learning Disabilities of America (LDA) Samuel Kirk Educator of the Year. He presents at numerous international and national conferences and leads math workshops to audiences across the country. Chris enjoys fishing, lobstering, woodcarving, and serving as a Boy Scout Leader and soccer coach.

Areas of expertise:

  • Teaching alternative math strategies
  • Teaching math for students with dyslexia and other language-based learning disabilities
  • Multiplication and division facts
  • Whole-to-part number sense
  • Elementary and middle school math curriculum