Boarding at Landmark

Landmark High School's Residential Life Program emphasizes responsibility, respect, growth, and independence.

From the dining room to the playing fields, from the dorms to the surrounding communities, boarding students are continuously developing positive self-advocacy skills. Students learn how to manage schoolwork and schedules, support friends and roommates, and participate in the larger Landmark community. They also enjoy a wide range of planned activities, outings, and social and cultural events.

Students who board at Landmark High School are surrounded by peers with learning differences from around the country and the globe. Landmark quickly becomes a second home to our students and their housemates become family. Friendships made here last a lifetime.

Health and Safety

There's nothing more important at Landmark School than the health and safety of our community. We have implemented protocols outlined by the local Boards of Health, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and the Centers for Disease Control. In addition, we offer voluntary weekly COVID-19 testing to all faculty, staff, and students. Read more about the measures Landmark has instituted during the pandemic and how we've kept our community well and our school open since September, 2020. 

Why Board at Landmark?

  • No commute!
  • Our residential curriculum helps students manage their time, develop organizational skills, and navigate the complexities of their social environment.
  • Residential students live, play, study, and socialize with a diverse group of peers from around the country and the globe.
  • Students who live in dorms experience personal growth as they become more independent, responsible, and confident.
  • After-school activities and weekend trips help students engage with the broader community, interact closely with faculty and other students, learn new skills, accept leadership, face obstacles, and build skills.
  • Friendships made here last a lifetime.


There are seven single-gender residence halls at Landmark High School, which house from 16 to 35 students. Rooms are mostly doubles, but approximately 30% are single rooms. In total about 160 students live on campus, roughly half of the High School student body. 

House Parents

A residential advisor, or "house parent," lives in each residence, as well as two other faculty members. Residential advisors act as mediators, mentors, and advocates for students. They interact with students both formally and informally, implementing the residential mission while creating a social, familial atmosphere. 

Common Rooms

Each dorm has a common room, furnished with games, a television, ping-pong tables, and more, creating an inviting, casual environment for students to gather after school and before or after study hall. Each boarding student participates in study hall Sunday through Thursday from 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Residential Curriculum

The Residential Life team follows a curriculum specifically designed for our boarding students, who have been diagnosed with a language-based learning disability, such as dyslexia. The curriculum supports students as they grow to understand and accept their learning needs. Part of the residential curriculum is a structured system that gives students the opportunity to earn privileges as they demonstrate their ability to consistently manage their time, develop organizational skills, and navigate the complexity of their social environment. 

Beyond the House


After-School Activities

We know that students feel successful when they have positive experiences inside and outside of the classroom. We encourage students to participate in activities and interscholastic sports that interest them—and to challenge themselves by exploring new endeavors. After-school activities are mandatory for boarding students, providing them rich opportunities to interact closely with faculty and other students, learn new skills, accept leadership, face obstacles, and build self confidence.

Interscholastic Athletics

After-school Activities


Community Service

International Group 

Weekend Activities

Boarding students have a wide range of choices of activities and outings every weekend. Trips vary depending on the time of year, weather, and other programs on campus. Both day and boarding students are welcome to participate in weekend activities. Here's a sampling of activities:​

  • Local beaches and seaports 
  • Night at the movies
  • Laser tag
  • Bowling
  • Rock wall climbing
  • Dinner out 
  • Movies and sporting events in the Student Lounge
  • Amusement Parks 
  • Ice cream
  • Boston 
  • Community service projects

"Coming to Landmark from another country, to say the least, I was very nervous. At first everything seemed new and different. But soon, I started to realize, I'm not surrounded by strangers but friends.​​​​​​​

Furthermore, Landmark allowed me to learn the skills to be independent and mature with everyday activities in my life which is essential to survive and thrive in the world out there."

-Ady Tibrewal, Landmark alumnus

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in talking to a parent of a current boarding student to learn more about their experience? Get in touch (link sends e-mail).

Many parents ask what students items students need when they move into the residential houses. Please refer to this packing list.