Landmark Cares

Coming Together Like Never Before

Landmark Cares is a virtual "community day" dedicated to highlighting how Landmark students, faculty, parents, alumni, and friends are showing compassion for others during this challenging time.

Help Care for Landmark Students in Need!

All funds raised through Landmark Cares will be directed toward student financial aid.

Tune In to See Billy Costa Kick Off the Online Auction

Participate in Landmark Cares

Here's How You Can Get Involved

  • Send us video clips or written stories of caring to (link sends e-mail) to be shared on the Landmark Cares webpage.
  • Send us a selfie of you and/or your Landmark student(s) wearing Landmark swag.
  • Enjoy the day and virtually connect with fellow Vikings!
  • Follow us on social media (links are below) and use #landmarkcares and @landmarkschool when making posts.

Welcome to Landmark Cares Day!

Listen as Elementary•Middle School (EMS) head of school, Rob Kahn and other EMS faculty, share the meaning of Landmark Cares Day (link is external).

For all you Tot Spotters out there, watch Tot Spot Director Jen Brennan Blute do her Morning Circle (link is external) for Landmark Cares day.

Landmark Cares Community Contributions

Show how you care! Share your photos, videos, or stories with us.

A Culture of Caring at Landmark

At the heart of the Landmark experience is the way in which our faculty, staff, and students care for one another. In fact, it is built into the very structure of our day. If you have hung around Landmark for even just a short while, you have heard of Milkbreak. But what is it, how did it start, and is there actually milk?

Follow along as we:

  • Hear Headmaster Bob Broudo tell the history of Milkbreak.
  • Learn about the Silver Bullet (link is external), the Golden Croc, and the Unsung Hero, awards given during faculty Milkbreak.
  • Enjoy a cookie recipe from SAGE Dining.

Caring for Our Teachers

Our Landmark teachers are second to none. We are grateful for all that they do for their students, their colleagues, and the broader community.

Check out these thank you messages submitted (link is external) by current families and trustees.

Caring for Our Students

We miss you EMS! Watch a sweet video (link is external) EMS teachers made to say “hello” to their students.

A special message from High School faculty and staff to our amazing Landmark seniors (link is external). We are so proud of you!

Caring for Our Local Communities

Beyond the borders of our campuses, Landmark students, faculty, parents, alumni, and friends are displaying tremendous acts of kindness toward each other—and beyond—during this challenging time.

Read these amazing stories and share your own.

EMS students thank first responders (link is external) for caring for us all. 

Have you shown care to someone in your community? Have you been cared for by a neighbor? Share your Story of Caring by emailing

Caring for Your Mind and Body

There is no question that in order to care for each other, we must first take care of ourselves. Here are some great ways to energize, relax, and reflect. We hope you enjoy!

Caring Activities

Ready to step into action? Check out these Landmark Cares activities for an afternoon of fun!

Thank You for Spending the Day with Us!

Landmark School Headmaster Bob Broudo wraps-up our inaugural Landmark Cares Day.