It’s impossible to put your finger on what it is, but our students and families feel it—strongly. It’s a breath of fresh air—the sense that it’s all going to be okay. It’s the invaluable result of a learning environment that celebrates students’ strengths and unravels and decodes their weaknesses, effectively and respectfully. The gifts of the Landmark Advantage manifest themselves in students even after a few weeks here—and reward them for the rest of their lives.



When new students arrive at Landmark—within the first few days and sometimes  hours—what they feel is relief. They are finally in a place that understands them, where the other students learn similarly. It feels like home. 

"I've only been at Landmark for one year but I've learned way more this year than my other years at other schools."—Ellie, 5th grade



Our approach is based on a simple formula: customized approach + support and understanding + opportunities for growth = confidence. 

"I feel very confident going into college. Landmark has really set me up for a bright future."—Merryl, 12th grade



You belong here. Students can sense it immediately. And there’s no better feeling for a parent than knowing that your child is accepted, understood, and will thrive. 

"When I came to Landmark it felt like a fit. I knew this was the right place for me." —Joseph, 8th grade



Self advocacy is an essential ingredient for independence and success in life. This is the foundation of the many skills that students gain here. Through constructive support and encouragement, students understand themselves as learners, set goals, and self-advocate. 

I was always the kid that sat in the back of the class hoping not to be noticed. At Landmark the classes are small and I trust my teachers. It’s taken a while but now that I’m a senior, I’m comfortable speaking up for myself and it feels great.” —Josh, 12th grade



Students who struggle in school often miss out on the fun stuff—visual art, athletics, performing arts, community service, trips, and so much more. At Landmark we know these pursuits are essential to shaping a young person into an interesting, engaged, confident adult. 

At my old school, I never had time for anything other than academics, homework, or afternoon tutoring. At Landmark, I got to be in my first play, am learning to code, and am on the cross country team. I feel normal again.” —Anna, 10th grade