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boy at desk
Posted by By J. Birch on Wednesday, April 15, 2020
Technology has become an increasingly essential part of modern education. With the Covid-19 pandemic that has prompted widespread remote learning, it seems more likely than ever that the digital age will bring in a new era of education, one that...
girl reading
Posted by By Molly Ness, Ph.D. on Monday, March 16, 2020
This article originally appeared on Along with parents and caregivers, early educators lay the foundation for children’s lifelong learning. One of their most essential roles is to provide children with a solid start in...
Posted by By Brittny Pierre on Monday, March 9, 2020
"She’s lazy” and “she doesn’t work hard enough” are two sentences I’ve heard from educators on why school was difficult for me. The reality wasn’t simply that I didn’t have the resources that suited my learning style to help me reach my full...



field journals
Posted on Wednesday, February 11, 2015
By Tristan Whitehouse Not all classrooms need walls — or proper floors for that matter. What they do need is people willing to learn together through exploration. Over the past decade, outdoor education programs have grown in prevalence throughout...
dr. edward hallowell headshot
Posted on Monday, January 26, 2015
By Edward Hallowell, M.D., Ed.D.  Learning with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is difficult, at best. I know because I have both ADHD and dyslexia. A phrase that I have come up with that I think best exemplifies what it is like...
girl with spray paint can
Posted on Thursday, May 29, 2014
Submitted by Dana Allara The theme music to the preschool years is a seemingly never-ending chorus of “Why Mommy? Why? Mommy, why?” Young children are passionate explorers who seek out understanding and revel in the wonders of their world—they...



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Posted on Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Recently, we spoke to Dean Bragonier, founder of Noticeability, a nonprofit enabling students with dyslexia to cultivate their strengths and providing tools to the adults that serve them. Dean will also be addressing our graduates and families at...
gail kent headshot
Posted on Sunday, May 15, 2016
By Gail Kent Homework: Importance and Procedures for Success Ever have difficulty figuring out how to help your child with homework? Why is homework so important anyway? Homework is used to reinforce skills and information learned during class...
Posted on Friday, April 8, 2016
How to get your child chatting: beyond “How was your day?” By Linda Gross, M.A., CCC-SLP It’s a fact: parents want to know about their child’s day. We want to know about their classes, their social life, and what they ate for lunch. Children...





vanessa rodriquez headshot
Posted on Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Dr. Jessie Voigts from Wandering Educators recently reviewed Landmark360 expert blogger Vanessa Rodriguez’s latest release, The Teaching Brain: An Evolutionary Trait at the Heart of Education. Below you will find a brief review and interview with...
pencil sketch of learning process
Posted on Thursday, January 15, 2015
By Adam Hickey, Ed.M, M.S. Ed. The Landmark School Outreach Program has a long and storied history of extending Landmark School’s influence beyond the campuses of Manchester and Prides Crossing. Although charged through its mission to empower...
amy ruocco headshot
Posted on Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Submitted by Amy Ruocco We are all faced with challenges in life, but how successfully we navigate through those challenges largely depends on how capable we view ourselves to be. Dyslexic children learn fairly early on that their peers are able...