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Isabella “Bella” Wilkinson-Brennan

Class of 2022 • driven, eager, accountable

Meet Isabella “Bella” Wilkinson-Brennan, an energetic and motivated sophomore at Landmark High School. Bella attended the Summer Program last July before she started as a residential student this fall. 

Like many of our students, Bella’s intelligence helped mask her learning challenges until ninth grade, when the demands of her rigorous high school became overwhelming. Enter Landmark.

Bella’s academic advisor during the summer and the academic year is veteran Landmark faculty member Candis Mitchell, who studied Bella’s testing, conferred with the Admission team, and sculpted a program that would meet her eagerness to learn and address her deficits that result from dyslexia and weak executive function skills. 

“They slowed everything down for me, so now I can digest the material,” said Bella. “I’m learning strategies to help me juggle school, life, extracurricular activities, homework, sleep, sports...and to be more accountable. Having dyslexia makes you more aware of yourself and where you need help. Ms. Mitchell helps fill in the gaps and makes sure that my program at Landmark is giving me support where I need it.”

“Bella loves the structure of Landmark,” said Candis, “and we were able to match her up with Paula Seaver for tutorial who understands her drive to learn while providing the framework to help Bella manage her workload and develop the skills to build a strong foundation. She’s doing so well! It’s been fun to watch her flourish in such a short period of time.” 

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