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Transition Planning: Freshman Year

Identify Interests

Freshman year is a time to adjust to the expectations and demands of high school. The first priority should be to develop good study habits and succeed in classes. This is also a time to identify areas of interest. The transition activities this year will encourage students to identify areas of interest and then to begin to explore them through research, coursework, and extra-curricular activities.

Academic Year Checklist for Students

  • Develop strong study skills and work hard to get solid grades.
  • When selecting electives, be willing to try new courses and expand your skill set.
  • Engage in community service opportunities both on campus and in your home community.
  • Participate in career exploration during Saturday School and Career Day.
  • Take an Interest Inventory to explore possible career goals. This is given during Saturday School in the fall.
  • Develop a working résumé. Make sure to include activities, awards, and honors.
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor to review year, evaluate your goals, and plan courses for the upcoming year.
  • Participate in annual review/IEP meeting if you have one. Be willing to offer your ideas and thoughts.
  • Find extra-curricular activities that you enjoy.

Summer Checklist for Students

  • Get a job or volunteer. Work experience will help you define your goals for the future
  • Read and write. Keep your academic skills sharp, develop your vocabulary, and develop areas of interest.