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Student Clubs

Any student (day and resident) interested in joining a club can speak to Mr. Genetelli, Mr. Fauci, Mrs. Meade, or anyone in the Student Life Office. They will direct students to the appropriate person. Learn more about the clubs at Landmark High School:

Debate Club

Landmark High School's debate club participates in six tournaments each year and numerous scrimmages with local high schools.

Through debating, students acquire new skills that are usually outside our students’ comfort zone. This can be challenging and intimidating. Most people dread speaking in public. The experience of confronting an intimidating challenge and succeeding is empowering for students. Debating also requires taking shorthand notes and writing persuasive cases that cite scholars, scientists, judges, politicians, and literature.

The life skills and values gained through speech and debate impact a student the rest of their life. Ninety-nine percent of speech and debate students go on to college. Speech and debate students have a significant edge in college admissions. Speech and debate participation provides cognitive and behavioral outcomes, including: improved reading, listening, speaking, writing, and critical thinking skills. Students must be prepared to speak extemporaneously and "think on their feet."  It also results increased motivation, intellectual curiosity, and engagement.  

Fathoms Magazine

Fathoms is the student-driven art and literary magazine that showcases the creative work of our student body. The magazine is directed by both an art and a language arts faculty member and an editorial board of student members. Students submit art and writing to the committee, which decides what work will be featured in the annual magazine and edits written work. Fathoms is released in the spring and is available in print for the Landmark community to enjoy.

Genders and Sexualities Alliance

Run by students and a faculty advisor, the Landmark Genders and Sexualities Alliance (formerly Gay-Straight Alliance) (GSA) provides a safe place for students to meet, socialize, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, and work to end homophobia and transphobia at our school. The club meets once a week and also plans events throughout the year to raise awareness for issues affecting the LGBTQ community, such as Ally Day and the Day of Silence.

InterCultural Group

landmark school international groupThe InterCultural Group celebrates the many distinct cultures on campus while also highlighting the commonalities between these groups. The mission of the InterCultural Group is "to foster a sense of identity, acceptance, and belonging for all Landmark students; to acknowledge, bring attention to, and celebrate the rich cultural and ethnic diversity of the entire community; and to discuss domestic and international issues that impact our society."

The group meets a few times a month and organizes several events throughout the year. Each year has a different theme. Past themes have included Privilege, Culture Shock, and Bias, and Identity: The Wonderful Mosaic That Is Landmark. 

The InterCultural Group is not limited to foreign students. Any student interested in learning about different cultures, preparing and tasting ethnic foods, and sharing common experiences and what they love or miss more about their culture is welcome. Learn more and read what students have to say about InterCultural Group.


InvenTeamstudents working on a solar project
The goal of Landmark's InvenTeam is to explore creative and innovative ideas. The team's recent projects include producing designs for passive solar desalination (using the Sun's energy to create freshwater from salt water) and exploring ideas that harness solar, wind, tidal, and wave energy.

Investment Club

Interested students will have the opportunity to invest approximately $3,000 and find out exactly what happens when you try to buy low and sell high.

​While intended to be a discovery-based educational setting, materials and research opportunities will be offered by Mr. Fauci. In addition, financial professionals from the Landmark community will provide insight and expertise to our investment club.

Please email Mr. Fauci with any questions, suggestions or comments.

Peer Leaders

The Peer Leadership Program at Landmark High School is designed to welcome all new students to our campus. New students will be connected with juniors and seniors who will help guide them through the first year. All of the Peer Leaders are juniors and seniors who applied to be involved in this group. They are all interested in helping new students feel comfortable at Landmark School.

Student Advocates

The Student Advocates' mission is to better educate and inform teachers and students at local colleges and universities about language-based learning disabilities (LBLD). During their presentations, the Advocates provide teachers, undergraduate students, and graduate students with the knowledge and strategies to support their students. Through their personal stories, the Advocates give direct insight into how students with LBLD comprehend and adapt to information they are being taught. They work to clarify and disprove stereotypes related to language-based learning differences. The Advocates strive to serve and support the Landmark School campus and the broader community through community service and fund raising.

Student Government

The Student Council is a group of Landmark students elected by their peers to represent the student body, act as a sounding board, address student concerns, and contribute positively to the community. The Student Council's mission statement states that the group is committed to the following actions:

  • Sponsoring fundraisers for charitable organizations (examples include: Oxfam America, UNICEF, Globe Santa, the American Cancer Society, Salem Mission, Beverly Bootstraps, and Cape Ann Food Pantry).
  • Sponsoring community service projects (examples include Adopt-a-Highway, food drives, and American Red Cross blood drives).
  • Planning student activities during the school year (examples include the Halloween Costume Contest, Dress Down Days, and Field Day).
  • Fostering and promoting a positive community spirit.
  • Providing a channel for student thoughts, suggestions, and concerns to be communicated to the administration.