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Community Service at Landmark High School

Landmark has a strong commitment to supporting the community, both locally and internationally. Community service projects help our students develop a stronger sense of self and a greater ability to connect with the world around them. Our students complete more than 6,000 volunteer hours each year. Some of the organizations we support include the Special Olympics, American Red Cross, Beverly Bootstraps, homeless shelters, soup kitchens and food pantries, thrift shops, after-school child care centers, and many more. 

Landmark High School's chaplain, Rev. Bill Ferguson, works with students to encourage personal growth and an awareness of the world by organizing community service opportunities at home and abroad. He supports students in the pursuit of their own religion and faith and provides awareness of the traditions and beliefs of other faiths.

"Community service, by nature, is collaborative; it requires people to work together for a common goal. Our ability to relate to, work with, and enable others is fundamental to what it means to be human. Strengthening students in these areas is invaluable, and it could not be more important in a world that tends to dehumanize, polarize and isolate, particularly through social media."—Rev. Bill Ferguson

Read Rev. Ferguson's blog post about community service as experiential learning.

Parents or students interested in the Community Service program should contact
 Rev. Bill Ferguson.

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"The volunteers from Landmark School worked effectively, energetically, enthusiastically and most impressive, as a team," Mr. Thibodeau said. "They were simply the most impressive group of young volunteers I’ve witnessed at this event or any other I’ve served in." —Sean Thibodeau, an executive at a company in Chelmsford who worked alongside Landmark students at the 2019 Vettes to Vets event.

Read what other our charity organizers say about Landmark students:

Maggie McArdle, Special Olympics BC Double Dragons Head Coach

“In the 15 years that I have participated in the Special Olympics, I have never seen kids as attentive and enthusiastic as the Landmark students. In previous years we have had volunteers who disappear after opening ceremonies but the two Landmark students stuck with the BC Double Dragons team all afternoon, were proactive, and really positive. They even took the time to learn all the players’ names. It's people like these two Landmark students that make events like the Special Olympics such a success.”

Ramona Latham, Educator/Interpreter Trustees of Reservations

“Thank you! Your crew did a FANTASTIC job at Ravenswood this Saturday. We have heard rave reviews about your work. Thank you!”

Patricia Martin

“I am truly appreciative of the community service your students performed yesterday. My yard was a complete disaster before your crew arrived, with fallen leaves and branches everywhere. They soon had everything under control and finished with 30 bags of yard waste at the curb and a trash barrel full of branches waiting for city pickup. Thank you so very much for all you and your delightful students do to make it easier for me to stay in my home. I could not do it without your help.”

Heather Johnston, Director of Donor Relations, Beverly Bootstraps

“Landmark School has been a supporter of Beverly Bootstraps for many years. We truly appreciate the generosity of the administrators, parents, teachers, and students. Community support is what keeps us strong and here for those who turn to use us in their time of need.”

James M. Sweet CPT FA (Ret.), Commander, Second Corps Cadets Veterans Association

"It was amazing to see how (our) patients perked up when your students interacted with them. The correct adjective here is priceless. We hope your students will long remember the life lessons they learned at the hospital today. They should be very proud of what they've done."

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Photos from Recent Community Service Events