Landmark High School Alexander

InterCultural Group

Students from near and far come to Landmark School to learn and grow in a diverse, supportive environment. The InterCultural Group, formerly the International Group, at Landmark celebrates the many distinct cultures on campus while also highlighting the commonalities between these groups. The mission of the InterCultural Group is "to foster a sense of identity, acceptance, and belonging for all Landmark students; to acknowledge, bring attention to, and celebrate the rich cultural and ethnic diversity of the entire community; and to discuss domestic and international issues that impact our society."

The Group helps students like me from a faraway country feel at home. Coming to a whole different setting and lifestyle can be scary and lonely, but the group made me feel that I belonged here with people who understand me, and that really helps. —Adwitiya Tibrewal, Kolkata, India

The InterCultural Group welcomes any student interested in learning about different cultures, preparing and tasting ethnic foods, and sharing common experiences and what they love or miss more about their culture is welcome. The group meets a few times a month and organizes several events each year. Each year has a different theme. Past themes have included Privilege, Culture Shock and Bias, and Identity: The Wonderful Mosaic That Is Landmark.

The Group means a lot to me and many of the International Group members within Landmark. I got to experience various cultures and food other than just hamburgers. I also learned and understood how the mix of various cultures work within the United States. International Group at Landmark School really does show how diverse our community is!—Henry Koo, Hong Kong