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Prep Program

The Prep Program at Landmark School serves students in grades 9 - 12 who have a language-based learning disability and primarily struggle with executive function. Our students “learn how to learn.” We offer an intimate, structured environment where students and teachers continuously work and process dynamically — both inside and outside of the classroom.

How We Teach Students

The Prep distinguishes itself from other college preparatory programs by fully integrating effective organizational strategies and study skills in every class. These skills are taught explicitly and consistently across all subject areas. With an enviable 10:1 student to teacher ratio, each student’s needs are proactively assessed and no student will ever get lost or go unnoticed here.

Our program challenges students, while effectively providing the constructive and practical support to meet those challenges. Our students do not just learn history, math, or literature, but are also taught to break down the content, actively decipher and comprehend it, and critically analyze and communicate their knowledge. Students learn, step-by-step, to initiate, plan, and complete writing assignments and long-term projects independently. The end result is that students discover the confidence to take risks, find their voice, and reach their potential.

Why the Prep Program Works

  • Ratio of students to faculty is 10:1
  • Program Directors continuously reassess students goals, needs, and performance
  • Emphasis placed on integrating the writing process across the curriculum
  • Study and organizational strategies woven into the fabric of all academic subjects
  • Landmark faculty specialize in skill instruction
  • Project-based learning allows students to delve more deeply into academic material
  • Students consistently participate in cross-curricular and experiential learning exercises
  • Participation in athletics and extracurriculars are supported and encouraged

Our Students

  • Are bright and creative, whose academic performance does not match their potential
  • Have average and above average intelligence
  • Have a healthy emotional well-being
  • Need to develop organizational and time management skills
  • Have difficulty initiating and prioritizing
  • Need to better understand their own learning style
  • Aim to go to college *

* 94% of Landmark graduates attend college and 100% are accepted.
Here's a snapshot of colleges and universities that our students have or are attending. 


student production of beauty and the beast with girl in yellow gown and boy in blue suitBrett Clark
Hometown: Stratham, NH
Attended Prep: 3 years
Interests: babysitting, performing arts, photography
Favorite Class: U.S. History

“My parents bribed me to come here. Now that I’m here, I love it! Study Skills is the best invention. I’ve learned how to stay organized, take notes, write a research paper, and study for any test. The Prep is like my second family and being part of the Performing Arts Department has helped me make lifelong friends. When I leave here I know I will be prepared for anything that life throws at me.”

high school baseball player in catching gearMike Brusca
Hometown: Beverly, MA
Attended Prep: 4 years
Interests: baseball, basketball, drums, guitar
Favorite Class: Integrated Math

“The Prep is really a special community. I didn’t want to come here at first, and I thought I would be leaving after my freshman year. But I soon realized the Prep was the right place for me. My advice to incoming students is to have an open mind. Don’t rebel against the school or your teachers. They will teach you things that will help you be a strong student and prepare you for college or whatever you want to do after you leave here.”

David Kast
Hometown: Greenwich, CT
Attended Prep: 2.5 years
Interests: blogging, making movies, music, sports
Favorite Class(es): Film and Literature, Psychology/Sociology

”I arrived at Landmark’s Prep program half way through my sophomore year. My parents and I realized that I really needed to be here. The teachers at the Prep are always there for you and will always help you. They teach you how to manage your work. All the kids in the Prep program have a special relationship because we’ve shared a lot of experiences together. I will miss the small things about Landmark: walking up the hill, hanging out on weekends, feeling really close with my teachers and other students. My advice to students looking at the Prep program is to think about the long term, not the short term. Landmark will help you find a way to make learning easier and you’ll be so much happier.”

Karen Hatch, Parents of Christopher ’10 and Oliver ’13
“Our sons are very different from one another. Chris could do the work in the public schools but was disorganized and was falling through the cracks. His teachers at the Prep held him accountable for his work but never gave up on him. Landmark’s art department was also a savior for Chris and he was able to discover his true passion. After Landmark he went to the Savannah School of Art and Design and did incredibly well.”

“Oliver also thrived in the Prep program. He was truly inspired by his teachers and they motivated him to be his best. He was not happy or understood in his former school but he became a confident, successful, happy kid. We are so grateful to Landmark and the Prep program for giving our sons the best education we could possibly imagine.”

Admission to Landmark's Prep Program is determined after full application review and screening by our Admission team. Learn more about our application process.

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