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Health and Wellness

Health Services

The Elementary•Middle School and High School have Health Centers with registered nursing staff that attend to the medical needs of the Landmark community. In addition, the school physician, the Beverly Hospital Emergency Room, and other specialists are also available for residential student appointments and emergencies.


High School, Jessica Fauci, 978-236-3264
High School Medical Forms

Elementary•Middle School, Shari Gallant, 978-236-3107
EMS Medical Forms

Other medical services coordinated through the Health Center include:

  • referrals to counseling
  • communication with Academic and Residential Advisors regarding medications
  • appointments with the nutritionist

The philosophy of the Health Center is "wellness” not sickness, and the nurses try to maintain an open and nurturing environment.

Counseling Services

The counselor’s role is to help students take full advantage of the opportunities offered at Landmark School.

Meet our counselors

Hélène Dionne, Director

Years of blue water sailing have taught Hélène to stay calm in the midst of turmoil. This enables her to help students develop their own ability to accept, and handle, the difficulties that come their way. She can be reached by phone: 978-236-3496 or email:

Daniel Larson, High School Counseling Department Head

Dan’s experience running a day treatment program for adolescents helped him develop skills that allow him to combine clinical expertise with genuine personal connection. He values authenticity and compassion in his interactions, and he is known for his calm and warm tone.

 Dan can be reached via email or phone: 978-236-3314


Christine Vander Werf, Counselor

Christine has experience working with diverse populations in a variety of settings. Her dedication, enthusiasm, and passion for supporting and empowering youth enables her to engage and inspire students to initiate change in themselves and in their community. Contact Christine Vander Werf by email or phone, 978-236-3350.

Joanne Waite, Counselor

Joanne's blend of warmth, spunk, and humor, along with her wisdom, made her immediately connect with the Landmark community. As a student put it, she is “pretty chill.” Joanne Waite can be reached by email or phone, 978-236-3497.

Ted Brugman

Ted has worked in the field of education and counseling longer than his youthful demeanor might suggest.  He loves good stories, sad songs, and well placed jokes, all of which reflect his person-centered approach.  After over 20 years away from Massachusetts he is thrilled to reconnect with his New England roots and join the Landmark Community!  Ted Brugman can be reached by email or phone, 978-236-3409.

Rachel Friedman

Rachel has many years of experience working with adolescents. Her genuine curiosity, sincerity and sense of fun make her approachable and easy to talk to.  Rachel Friedman can be reached by email or phone, 978-236-3240.