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Level and Types of Academic Support in College for Students with Learning Disabilities

Most colleges have a support service office to help students with learning disabilities access the resources they need to succeed. The services are outlined below.

Level of Support


Basic Accommodations and Services

  • Provides accommodations as required under ADA and Section 504
  • Students must disclose and provide documentation
  • Accommodations may include:
    • Extended time on tests
    • Note takers
    • Priority registration
    • Assistive technology
    • Reduced course load
  • Access to writing center provided for all students

Coordinated Services

  • Provides all accommodations as required by law
  • Students must disclose and provide documentation
  • Specialized instruction in study skills and organizational skills may be available
  • Might offer some content tutorial support with a upperclassman or graduate student
  • Often have a learning center with professional with specific experience teaching students with LD

Intensive Support Services and Support Programs

  • Students must apply to specific support program as well as to the college (coordinated admissions)
  • Specific support sessions are built into the student’s schedule
  • May have an summer program to facilitate the transition to college
  • Students pay tuition for classes and for participate in the program
  • Program has specific staff specializing in LBLD