EIL banners in Landmark School gym

Varsity Volleyball

Girls Varsity Volleyball competes in the Independent Girls Conference (IGC) with some out-of-league contests. The season typically ends in early November.

In general, varsity teams practice Monday through Friday from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Varsity Volleyball teams are expected to practice and compete on Fridays as well as some Saturdays.

Pick Up Time for Day Students

Pick up times after practice for commuting students should be arranged for 5:40 p.m. on the High School campus. Students are welcome to stay later and have dinner on campus. Dinner is served from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on weeknights.

The school supplies the majority of the sports equipment, but personal items such as foot wear, practice clothing, and certain protective padding (shin, elbow, arm, shoulder, and ribs) are the responsibility of the student.

Paul Howard's picture
Paul Howard
High School Faculty

Paul Howard is the Varsity Volleyball head coach at Landmark High School. He served for four years as an assistant coach during the program’s infancy and took over as varsity head coach in the fall of 2014. Paul’s coaching goals are multifaceted. Ultimately, he wants the girls to have a fun, positive experience that they will look back on fondly for years to come. As players on a team sport, he wants them to build lasting friendships and learn to work together toward a common goal. As young women, he wants them to be strong, healthy and confident—to build positive self-esteem. He strives to model appropriate sports competition that builds character through good sportsmanship and positive attitudes despite the outcome of the matches. Girls learn volleyball skills in a structured, safe environment that challenges them to reach their full potential.

When Paul isn’t coaching, he enjoys playing guitar, reading, gardening, and scuba diving. He is currently the assistant department head of the Early Literacy Department, and has taught at Landmark since 2007.

During the 2016 season the Varsity Volleyball team finished third in the Independent Girls Conference (IGC), and the program saw record enrollment, with 24 players across JV and Varsity. The Landmark volleyball program was founded in 2010 by Kristen Havey, Kim Hildebrandt, and Paul Howard.

Michael Orie's picture
Michael Orie
High School Faculty

Michael Orie has been coaching at Landmark since 2006. He has coached different levels of volleyball, baseball, basketball, and soccer. He has recently focused on volleyball and baseball. Michael works hard to ensure that every athlete has a positive experience with the sport while working to grow their skill sets and become leaders in sportsmanship. He views team sports as an opportunity for students to develop leadership skills, work as a team, and build strong relationships. 

During the academic day, Michael serves as the assistant department head of the Math Department at Landmark, and has taught a variety of math classes there since 2005. 

Outside of school, he enjoys writing songs, playing guitar and singing in his band, spending time with his wife and family, and playing with his dog Newton. Of course he also enjoys playing competitive sports like volleyball, softball, spike-ball, fantasy football, and disc golf.