EIL banners in Landmark School gym

John Begley (2010)

2014 Hall of Fame Inductee

John is quite simply one of the best athletes to ever wear the blue and gold uniform at Landmark School. A Pennsylvania native, John was the type of player all coaches are lucky to work with, not just for his talent but also for what he brought to the team through exemplary sportsmanship and leadership

As a junior and a starter on the varsity lacrosse team, John earned recognition beyond Landmark when he was named to the Eastern Independent League All-League team.

In 2010, John’s senior year, we had a great team.  John not only led Landmark, but he led the league in points and outscored the next guy by nearly 50%.  On average, John tallied more than seven goals and assists per game.  We weren’t always the best team, but John was by far the best player. He dominated the league and when the league coaches met at the end of the season, John was unanimously voted an All American.

Jared Harvey, John’s head coach that season, would be the first to tell you that beyond fast hands, good footwork, exceptional stick skills and body awareness, it was John’s vision as a player that separated him from the rest of the league.  He played the X position in lacrosse, which meant he often carried the ball behind the net and distributed to shooters whenever possible.  Jared and I had a blast coaching that team. We knew exactly what we had with John behind the net and made no bones about giving him the ball.  It was not just our preference, it was our insistence.  Our offense started with him because he could see the field in front of him, knew when to pass the ball and new when to take the shot. 

After Landmark, John went on to earn a business degree from Syracuse University. 

—Jeff Fauci