EIL banners in Landmark School gym

Brett Peterson (2008)

2014 Hall of Fame Inductee

Brett was a three-sport athlete playing soccer, basketball, and baseball. He was a captain, an All-League player, and an MVP. After Brett graduated from Landmark, he continued to have a successful basketball career at Westfield State and later North Park University in Chicago.

While Brett is an outstanding athlete, more importantly, he is an outstanding person. He truly cares about others and leads by example. He was always selfless and willing to sacrifice individual statistics for the team’s success. Brett was like a second coach on the field.

Brett’s baseball coach Scott Jamieson said he was extremely talented, but what set him apart was his work ethic.  He always worked on different parts of his game, and he would do whatever it took to help the team win. 

Scott remembers Brett’s senior year when the team did not have a varsity-level catcher on the roster.  Brett volunteered to change his position and be the catcher. He was one of the best in the league.  He also batted .350 that year.

Brett’s basketball coach Carlton Winslow remembers how tenacious Brett was on the defensive end in their vaunted 1-3-1 scheme. Even though most nights Brett was outsized, he was never out-hustled. Carlton still tells his players today about Brett and his competitive drive.

On the soccer field, Brett always outworked opponents. He wanted to win. While he wasn’t always the most skilled player, he seemed to dominate the best athletes in our league. He was small, but crafty. He played with a fearlessness that made his coach smile on the sidelines. Players like Brett are why coaches keep coaching. He reminds us all that overcoming obstacles is possible.

—Ryan DeJoy