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2002–2003 Middle School Boys Basketball Team

2012 Hall of Fame Inductees

By the end of the 2002–2003 boys middle school basketball season, a nickname took hold: Season of Dreams. After taking on 17 opponents and earning 17 victories, it was clear this team was special. A common theme existed among the 14 athletes a part of the Season of Dreams, a LOVE of basketball. And despite ranging in ages from sixth to eighth grade (a rather large age discrepancy if you remember back to middle school), this crew could be found playing basketball just about anytime they had the opportunity. These 14 boys played together as a team and are remembered for not only lifting the self-esteem of our middle school athletics program, but also for exemplifying sportsmanship, teamwork, and determination. Coaches Kim Davis and Bill Bresnahan are recognized alongside their players from 2002–2003:  

  • Brett Peterson
  • Kevin Whelan
  • Ryan Pedersen
  • Jordan Yorks
  • AJ Walling
  • Jeremiah Rex
  • Kevin Coombs
  • James Ellison
  • Peter Olsen
  • Paul Seely
  • Matt Rogers
  • Davis Brown
  • Jack DeJesus
  • Matt Cohen

—Rob Kahn, head of EMS