EIL banners in Landmark School gym

Athletic Hall of Fame

landmark high school 2016 athletic hall of fame inducteesThe Landmark School Athletic Hall of Fame was formed in 2010 to honor alumni, coaches, and friends who have made a significant contribution to the athletic program at Landmark School, or whose participation in athletics outside Landmark was so outstanding that it brought credit to Landmark School and served as a model for the Landmark community. Inductions are made every other year.

Hall of Fame Inductees 

Year of graduation is in parenthesis next to the inductee's name, where applicable.

Luke Crocker (2011): baseball, basketball
Danny Czerkawski (2012​)
Alina Donato (2011): soccer, basketball, tennis
Jordan Yorks (2009): baseball, basketball, golf

Harvey Alter (1981): friend of the program
Andrew Reed (2009): basketball, baseball, golf
Jake Propernick (2010): baseball
John Begley (2010): lacrosse
Brett Peterson (2008): basketball, baseball​

Laura Strickler Owens (2003): soccer, basketball, lacrosse
Charles Surney (1998): wrestling
Undefeated EMS Boys Basketball Team 2002-2003 season

Bob Iannucci: former athletic director
Jason Haley (2002): cross country, wrestling, lacrosse
Mike Reinacher: wrestling coach
Tara Smyth (2005): soccer, basketball, lacrosse