landmark high school student and teacher in lab

Academic Programs

Landmark High School offers three academic programs for our students: the Expressive Language Program, the Founders Program, and the Prep Program. Each program remediates the language skills of our high school students and prepares them for college and beyond. We carefully assess each student and design individually tailored programs to address the student's strengths and weaknesses that provide a continuum of offerings throughout each student's journey here. Details about each program are below.

Expressive Language Program Founders Program Prep Program
Designed for students who need more structure to support their written production and/or oral expression, in conjunction with the remediation outlined in the Founder’s Program Provides direct instruction to develop students’ reading and writing skills through a daily tutorial and small-group classes with an emphasis on a structured and sequential delivery of content and skill development   Places special emphasis on developing study skills and higher-level reading comprehension and writing skills in larger classes with increased focus on independence
1:1 Tutorial 1:1 Tutorial Typically No Tutorial
Language Arts Language Arts Grammar & Composition*
Oral Expression/Pragmatics Study Skills/Literature/Reading Literature*
Reading Study Skills*
Social Sciences Social Sciences*

*Prep Program Specific

Saturday School

As part of the high school curriculum, there are eight Saturday Schools scheduled throughout the year (approximately once a month). Each Saturday School runs from 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., and the format differs from the other days in the school year. Offerings are challenging and fun.