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The Landmark Fund

Everyday Impact

Your gift makes an impact – in the life of our school, and in the life of every Landmark student.

Thank you for your support.

We are thankful for the generous community it takes to support Landmark on a daily basis. From parents to teachers to administrators, everyone comes together to ensure that your student has the resources they need for a strong start to the school year. 

LANDMARK 101: Fundamentals of Landmark School and Your Role in Our Community

This 15-minute presentation by Landmark's director of Advancement, Michelle Granese, would have typically been given at the start of the academic year. Our collective focus at that time was on a safe and healthy return back to campus. We hope you enjoy this informative overview of Landmark School's mission, people, programs, and your role in our community. 

Learn more about The Landmark Fund

What is the Landmark Fund?

Landmark School’s Annual Giving Program – The Landmark Fund – provides unrestricted dollars for programs and experiences that impact the overall strength and programming of Landmark and the day –to –day experience of our students and faculty.

Landmark Fund dollars are pooled with tuition revenue and used to fund whatever the school's greatest needs may be.  This being the case, the Landmark Fund contributes to a piece of everything that affects your student’s experience. 

Every year , the school establishes the annual need and sets a fundraising goal. In 2020-2021 the goal is $850,000.

Landmark is expensive. Why must money be raised every year in addition to tuition?

Like many independent schools, tuition does not cover all of the annual cost of operating Landmark and educating our students. Landmark must rely on our annual giving program and the support from our families and friends to help provide program enhancements and bridge the gap between tuition income and the actual cost of operating the school.

Why is my participation important?

Your support to the Landmark Fund advances our mission to empower students to create a path towards success, train our faculty to use the latest tools and strategies to deliver individualized instruction, and sustains Landmark’s historic campus for generations to come.

We invite and encourage every member of our community to make Landmark their top charitable giving priority by making a gift to the Landmark Fund.

Participation in the Landmark Fund comes through two primary channels:

  • Outright Gifts
  • Giving via our signature events and auctions
How do events play a role in supporting the Landmark Fund?

Attending or sponsoring a Landmark Fund signature event or even purchasing a raffle ticket are all meaningful ways of supporting the school.

Did you know? In fiscal year FY19 our fundraising events contributed 40% to our $1M+ Landmark Fund total!

  • Landmark Fund Events: $533,472
    Proceeds from event sponsorships, tickets and raffle purchases provide significant dollars for the school.
  • Landmark Fund Unrestricted: $623,573
    Unrestricted outright gifts help fund our areas of greatest need.
  • Landmark Fund Restricted: $230,320
    Designated gifts towards specific Landmark Fund programs and initiatives.
What is a matching gift?

Did you know that more than 500 companies match gifts to independent schools? Contact your Human Resources Office to find out if your company has a Matching Gift Program. By providing Landmark with the relevant Matching Gift documentation, you will receive donor credit for both the original gift and the amount of the match.

Are gifts to the annual fund tax deductible?

Yes. Gifts to Landmark School qualify as charitable contributions and can be fully deducted to the limit of IRS regulations. Please note that ticket and raffle purchases are not tax-deductible.

We invite you to watch this brief video to learn more about how your partnership can advance Landmark’s mission, and how you can make an everyday impact at our school and in the lives of all of our Landmark students.

Join the community of Landmark donors

Donations of any size positively impact the school and each student’s experience. Giving an unrestricted gift will help fund our areas of greatest need.