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Father and Son: Daniel '83 and DJ '22 Roberts

When their son, DJ, was just 14 months old, Daniel and his wife, Sandy, knew that their child had difficulty processing language that would make traditional school a challenge. After many years of frustration and disappointment, they turned to Landmark for the program that had been so effective for Daniel when he was struggling with school decades earlier.

Roberts FamilySandy recently told me that, “Coming to Landmark was a game changer. Within the first few weeks of being here as a seventh grader, DJ was making progress, feeling happier, and beginning to thrive." During that school year, Sandy, DJ, and their black lab, Winni, took up residence in an apartment in Gloucester during the week. They travel home to New Hampshire each weekend where DJ enjoys every manner of outdoor activities and pursues his love of tinkering (at age 12 he made his own snow-making machine from an old air compressor and plumbing parts).

Fast forward two years. DJ received the Charles Drake Award upon his graduation from Landmark’s EMS, was named his baseball team’s MVP, and is attending our High School this year where he continues to be challenged and benefit from all that Landmark offers, in and out of the classroom.

Paying it Forward

There are countless Landmark stories like DJ’s about families making sacrifices and students finding success and achieving goals they never thought were possible.

I know that sending your child to Landmark is a financial stretch. Yet so many of our parents and guardians value the impact of a Landmark education, and because of this, find a way to make a donation to the school to show their support.