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Faculty Voices

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Jim and Jen Kuhns

"We choose to work here because the Landmark community values and nurtures learning, kindness, and respect for others. We are so lucky to be colleagues with teachers and administrators who work tirelessly and selflessly with creativity and humor on our students' behalf. We have been incredibly fortunate to work with hundreds of wonderful students in dorms, classrooms, on athletic teams, as well as on many fun trips and games of dodgeball! When we lived on campus with our kids this was our home and neighborhood, and today Landmark's extended community is part of our family."

-Jim and Jen Kuhns

Peter Harris Landmark Teacher

"There are just so many reasons why I love to work at Landmark. For instance, I met my spouse here, I followed in my dad's footsteps at the school, and my colleagues are beyond compare. However, above all else, I choose to work at Landmark because of our students. Like all teachers at Landmark, I empathize with their past and present struggles in school, and I have seen firsthand the dramatic turnaround in not just academic skills but also in confidence and self-esteem. To be a part of the team that creates that turnaround is extremely gratifying; it is our mission."

-Peter Harris

Lauren Torres

"They say if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life...I haven't worked for the past nine years. I choose to work at Landmark because each day is a new adventure with an incredible group of students. They keep me on my toes and remind me that, with them as the future, everything is going to be better."

-Lauren Torres

Chhu Family

"I choose to work at Landmark because I believe that the Landmark community (its students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents/guardians, board, and other supporters) is dedicated to the school’s mission. Fostering the development and maintaining the health and safety of this community is both a professional and personal endeavor for many of us. I met my wife at new teacher training over a decade ago, and my children were entrusted to the capable and loving care of their Tot Spot teachers. Working here is much more than a job."

-Khiet Chhu

Chris Woodin Landmark Teacher

"I choose to work at Landmark, because of the high standards that are imposed on teacher culpability for the success of each student. These high standards are coupled with the support, resources, and creativity within our community necessary to respond to that challenge."

-Chris Woodin

Kathy MacMannis

"Landmark is a miraculous place. In my over 20 years here as a teacher, houseparent ,and academic advisor, I've witnessed students transform academically, emotionally, and socially—changing their lives forever. I can't imagine working anywhere else."

-Kathy MacMannis

Keryn Kwedor

"In the spring of 2001, I wandered over to the Landmark table at an education job fair and stopped to chat with Bill Barrett purely because I grew up in this area and knew a few people who taught here. I left my resume with him, and we kept in touch until the timing was right for me to make a shift in my career. Twenty years later, what has kept me here are the countless meaningful and life-changing relationships I have formed with my colleagues and students. Landmark introduced me to many of the most important people in my life."

-Keryn Kwedor

Carlton Winslow Landmark Teacher

“For the past two decades I have been tasked with educating youngsters through life coaching, athletic coaching, and especially teaching in the classroom. Everyday I still look forward to the challenge of making learning accessible, bearable, and even fun for students that have to navigate their learning paths around various obstacles. I see this as a privilege as I embark on this sojourn with pride and the resolve that the work I am doing will be done with dignity, courtesy, and respect.”

-Carlton Winslow

Anna DiPerna Landmark Teacher

"As everyone who teaches here knows, Landmark is a teacher's dream. Our classes are small and customized to that group, so we can really get to know our students and be confident that we are helping them learn. Our students are amazing!"

-Anna DiPerna

Pauline Samuelsen Landmark Teacher

"I chose to teach at Landmark because the Landmark experience was life-altering for my sister. Certainly, the amount of reading and writing progress that she made over her four years was incredible and invaluable. However, more astonishing was her social emotional growth. When my parents moved her into Woodside her freshman year, she was so shy and insecure that she called home at least three times a day and my parents came to visit her at least twice a week. By her senior year, she was giving presentations to outside groups as part of the Student Advocate program, going off with friends on the weekend, and blew all of our minds when she opted to earn her bachelor's degree at college Florida. Her transformation into the confident, poised, outgoing interior designer she is today is greatly due to the Landmark faculty and the Landmark program which helped her find her voice and strength. Who doesn't want to be part of that?"

-Pauline Samuelsen

Beth Mahoney

"I choose to work at Landmark because I enjoy making a difference in children’s lives. I love watching our students confidence bloom as they begin to read. I’m inspired by their dedication to learning and their persistence to overcome the challenges that they face. There is no place I’d rather be than at Landmark!"

-Beth Mahoney

Nate Efinger

"I chose to work at Landmark because our community understands the importance of creating a well balanced student. I love that Landmark has an outlet for students to pursue their passions, in and out of the school day. The administration really understands that students need the opportunity to explore their artistic expression in order to foster success in other areas. It has been the highlight of my life to introduce, expand, and refine students' experiences in performing arts and athletics here at Landmark."

-Nate Efinger

Meg Arnio

"One of the best decisions of my life was choosing to work at Landmark School. I love to see the “AHA!” moments when students come to really understand something and find a way to make it their own. It may take a few months or even years, but it’s always worth it. There is nothing better than to be present when it happens and see the looks of pride on the students’ faces."

-Meg Arnio

Doug Musco

"I came to Landmark because of the school culture I immediately felt when I stepped onto campus during an introductory walk and talk tour of campus with Bob Broudo. Shortly afterward during my day of interviewing, I met administrators, teachers, and students who were all laser-focused on the mission of the school, proud of being a part of the Landmark community, and were happy! After the incredibly warm welcome I received and the time I spent touring and talking with students, I knew I had to be a part of this brilliant learning community. There exists a robust work-hard play-hard mentality at Landmark that fits beautifully with my personal, professional, and life philosophy and as such, it was a perfect fit for me!"

-Doug Musco

Adam Craig

"Landmark School views students as unique and creative individuals who are full of potential. I am proud to be part of this team, helping students grow and develop as kind, resilient humans!"

-Adam Craig

Melody O'Neil

"I've chosen to work at Landmark for the past 26 years because of the incredible students that come to this school. To see their determination, motivation, resiliency and the amazing progress they make during their time here is truly inspiring. Also, the amazing community of teachers and faculty that are committed to supporting these students is equally incredible to witness. I feel blessed to be a part of this community and this school."

-Melody O'Neil

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