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EMS Publishes Anti-Racism Commitment Letter

At the beginning the of 2020–2021 school year, members of Landmark's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee at the Elementary•Middle School sent this letter to families outlining the school's commitment to anti-racism.

Last spring, Bob Broudo, Landmark’s head of school, voiced the need for unity as our country confronts issues of racism and systemic inequities. This fall he again highlighted Landmark’s commitment to human rights and anti-racism efforts in particular. As the year kicks off, we want to echo his sentiments with EMS’s commitment to anti-racism and to acknowledge that systemic racism impacts all educational settings, including ours. 

Our goal this year and moving forward is to demonstrate our commitment to change by taking steps to address and repair the impact racism has had on our community and to prioritize anti-racist efforts. 

To this end, our Diversity and Inclusion Committee is meeting regularly with the focus being on:

  • Training staff about anti-racism and how to discuss anti-racism in the classroom.
  • Finding the best resources for further parent support and education.
  • Reviewing the curricula to take steps to provide a more diverse and inclusive view of the world with the understanding of how racism is embedded in existing curricula.
  • Working with the Management Team and Board of Trustees toward the longer term goal of attaining a more racially diverse staff and student body

Please take some time to initiate or continue this conversation about respect, equality, and human rights with your student. For some families, engaging in conversation about race and racism is fairly new territory. It’s natural to feel uncomfortable or nervous about saying the wrong thing. As part of parent support, we will be sharing a weekly anti-racism resource in the EMS newsletter to help foster these conversations at home with your children. For some initial conversation starters, please see below. 

This is only a beginning. We are partners in this work with you and are eager to continue this discussion. We look forward to engaging in this movement and striving to create a more equitable and safe world for all of our children.


How to start the conversation and what to do if you get stuck

“We got a pretty important letter from school today. Let’s make some time to talk about it.”

“This is a really hard topic and brings up different feelings for different people. Let’s figure out what you already know and what we can learn together.”

“_____ is a great question. I’m not sure how to answer it right now, but I’m going to find some more information and we can come back to it.”