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I’ve been thinking about the many ways Landmark is a language-based setting. In keeping with our focused mission, our students share a common goal, our classes are driven by language remediation, our faculty use a common vocabulary and consistent resources, and we strive to apply similar teaching principles to everything we do.

We’ve been having a discussion in milkbreak meetings this year, spinning off of Maryanne Wolf’s thought-provoking book, Reader, Come Home, about the challenges of a world where technology and "screens" are becoming ever more present. Wolf does not deny the advances of technology, but she poses questions about what may be lost from the literacy experience as this technology shift takes place. If we can understand the impact on our minds and literacy habits, we can then shape our brains to make the most of the digital revolution while not losing the gifts of the hard-copy era.

milo landmark schoolAt Landmark, we hold onto certain truths about our physical connections to text. Cursive writing continues to build neural connections helpful for literacy skills. Holding and feeling actual books continues to connect us with text on a deep level. While we recognize the efficiencies inherent in the digital revolution, we also value the tangible connection to a wide variety of literature. Books come in so many sizes, shapes, and colors. Their histories and experiences are as individualized as our own lives. When our students turn pages and take time to read deeply and reflectively, they make connections to the language skills we teach.

Over the break, I took my grandson to the public library and watched him enjoy the literary environment. It reminded me that one of the many benefits of coming to work at Landmark each day is the chance to be immersed in a world of language and words. We can’t measure precisely the milieu therapy of daily exposure to our language-based environment, but years of experience suggest that it’s a powerful teaching tool.

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Parents' Day–Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Join us for breakfast, a poetry recital, a parent workshop, classroom observations, conferences, and the opportunity to get an in-depth understanding of your child(s)'s Landmark School Summer Program experience.

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