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Our Campus

The Landmark Elementary•Middle School campus is located in Manchester, Mass., on the former site of Villa Crest, an 18-acre estate built by the Denegre family in 1903.

The campus consists of a Main Building, a Gymnasium/Tutorial Center, the Matthew Rutter Academic Center, and smaller buildings for elective departments. The lower field, courtyard, and playground offer recreational spaces for students. The adjacent woods are the site of the McEldowney Outdoor Adventure Course.

The Main Building includes:

  • administration and advisor offices
  • library
  • dining area
  • meeting room
  • health center
  • elementary classrooms
  • counseling and public school liaison offices

The Matthew Rutter Academic Center includes:

  • middle school classrooms, department offices
  • conference room
  • Hagale seminar room
  • Brenden science laboratory

The Gymnasium / Tutorial Center includes:

  • individual tutorial stations
  • gymnasium and offices
  • conference room and testing spaces

Campus Map

Directions to Landmark Elementary•Middle School