student and teacher landmark elementary school

The Landmark Academic Model

The Elementary•Middle School (EMS) features a skills-based, intensive remedial program. The EMS Academic Programs emphasize individualized development and acquisition of language skills. Each student has a one-­to-­one tutorial and small classes consisting of six to eight students, based on diagnostic profiles in each discipline. All instruction at Landmark is language-­based, meaning specific strategies and techniques that emphasize and reinforce listening, reading, speaking, and writing are integrated into every area of the curriculum.


The scheduling process at Landmark School is very individualized, and the students’ specific needs are considered throughout. Class groupings are formed according to skill levels in each subject area, based on formal and informal testing measures. Factors such as age, learning style, past performance, and social skills are also considered. As a result, students usually have different classmates in each of their daily classes. The schedule is re-evaluated midyear, and adjustments are made to ensure the appropriateness of each student’s classes.

Academic Advisors

Landmark’s Academic Advisor model plays an important role in the child’s education. Every student is assigned an Academic Advisor to act as a coordinator or overseer of the Landmark experience. The Academic Advisor’s role includes interpreting testing and examining learning style, meeting with the student and teachers, observing, coordinating special services, and serving as a liaison with the parents as well as other school systems. This role is unique to Landmark School and is pivotal to insuring each student’s success.

Faculty Support and Communication

In addition to their teachers and an Academic Advisor, Landmark students are served by several specialists. The Elementary•Middle School is supported by a speech and language therapist and three counselors. Subject areas are chaired by department heads who oversee curriculum development, schedule classes, observe instruction and meet with teachers. Deans of Students, an Academic Dean, Public School Liaisons, and a Head of Campus provide additional support to the students and the faculty. A daily staff meeting known as "milkbreak" facilitates communication and consistency.

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