student and teacher landmark elementary school

Assessment at Landmark

Formative Assessment​

Landmark assesses its students in a number of ways, both formally and informally. The most important of these is formative assessment, which happens daily in every tutorial and class and is grounded in the Landmark Teaching Principles.

Formative assessment is the daily practice through which teachers observe students as they respond to success-oriented challenges at the appropriate level, and then adjust their lesson plans and objectives based on student performance.

Diagnostic-Prescriptive Approach

Landmark’s diagnostic-prescriptive approach, based on principles such as Ensuring Automatization Through Practice and Review and Including the Student in the Learning Process, means that faculty assess the daily progress of students in a truly meaningful way.

Landmark also regularly administers diagnostic assessments and summative assessments on a yearly basis using both nationally normed standardized instruments and internal tools geared to the Landmark curriculum.

Finally, Landmark students who are publicly funded participate in the state-mandated Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System along with other public school students.